Keyboarding 2011-2012 Freshman year

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Keyboarding 2011-2012 Freshman year by Mind Map: Keyboarding 2011-2012  Freshman year

1. Students will learn how to properly format business documents. The business documents that you have learned in Keyboarding include:

1.1. E-mail

1.1.1. An E-mail is a great way that we use to get information back and forth between two or more people mostly seen being used for work purposes the E-mail is one of the formats we learned this year in keyboarding. E-mail format When writing an E-mail always make sure that you are writing in single space and to double space in-between your paragraphs. Also make sure that your name gets signed on the bottom of the E-mail so that the person your are sending it to knows it is you and if you did not type the E-mail yourself make sure the person that did puts their reference initials on the bottom where your name would be if you had written it. And always make sure the subject of the E-mail relevant to the actual E-mail.

1.2. Memo

1.2.1. A memo is a way of getting straight up information back and forth between you and for example a boss. Memos are typically very short and to the point. Memo Format Memo format should always start out with your margins at the top margins of your word document being2 inches and the left bottom and right should all be at 1 inch each that is the first step to making your memo. After that make sure you include the following at the top of your page: TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: before you type the information in for those always TAB twice for each line. And make sure that when you start your first paragraph that you do not indent and always space in-between paragraphs

1.3. Business Letter

1.3.1. A business letter is a way to communicate with other companies to ask a few questions or maybe give feedback, its like a regular letter you would write to anyone but it is formal and mostly used for communication between businesses or from people to businesses. Business letter format A business letter should always be a single spaced letter and at the top of the page the header should include the following Your Street Address Your City, State Zip, Date and after entering that make sure to space 4 times before entering the next bit of information. First and Last Name of the Person to whom you are writing Their Street Address City, ST Zip when writing a business letter also always remember to include a salutation and a signature at the end of every letter and to include reference initials if need be.

1.4. Report

1.4.1. A report is usually a couple page letter for school or for a business report. Report Format A report is formatted differently in the way that whenever writing a report the line spacing has to be set to two instead of the typical one and the pages should have page numbers in the top right preceeded by your last name. Also with every report makke sure that you include in your heeader in order top to bottom your name, your teachers name, the class, and the date. And with a report always be sure to use 1 inch margins and to only justify the left margin.

2. Students will be able to demonstrate proper reach, technique and hand placement in order to achieve higher speed and accuracy.Students will be able to demonstrate proper reach, technique and hand placement in order to achieve higher speed and accuracy.

2.1. Micro type has most definateky helped me this year in gaining speed while typing for an instance at the beggining of the year i was actually typing at about 9 or 10 words per minute, that's actually really slow and now that were towards the end of our year here in keyboarding I have been averaging at about 20 to 25 all because of the speed lessons that we do in micro type. My accuracy has increased and my consistancy in errors has decreased which is why miro type has been so helpful to me. Another factor was probably the use of key covers because that definately helped me improve my skills in learning the keyboard better

2.2. posture has definately been a helping factor in getting faster in keyboarding for example always make sure to sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor yes i know its uncomfortable but its gonna be for the better of things. Another thing to remember when keying is to keep your fingers at the home row keys A.K.A asdfjkl; and type from there because if you hunt and peck for keys like I used to your gonna go nowhere very fast.

3. Brock Frunzar p.1