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Do awards and prizes serve any useful purpose? by Mind Map: Do awards and prizes serve any useful purpose?
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Do awards and prizes serve any useful purpose?

After starring with Dallas Roberts in the comedy-drama Lightbulb and starring in the short-lived television series The Unusuals, Renner went on to achieve critical success for his portrayal as bomb disposal expert, Sergeant William James in the 2009 Iraq war thriller The Hurt Locker.The role earned him several awards in the Best Actor category and his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor as well a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. He was thus, offered a role in The Avengers movie which earned more money than any other movie during its opening weekend.


Awards and prizes

Useful purpose


Recognizes the achievments of accomplished persons, providing them with motivation and encouragement to do even better.

Economic Purposes

Medals awarded to athletes in the sporting arena provides them with recognition for their feats, hence providing them with the drive to continue doing their best.


Excellence should be self driven, not due to an incentive

With there being the presence of prizes and presents, there may be more competitiveness as it motivates people to work harder and put in more effort. However, people who may not be as talented might suffer as a result

Prizes and awards might be expensive to prepare eg. large scale awards such as Oscars etc. Nominees already receive lavish salaries

Awards and medals were used to inspire others to become accomplished individuals, yet in today's world, with the use of technology, such accolades can be easily forged just by the click of a mouse, causing it to have no purpose at all as it becomes something easily achieved.