Appreciating Diversity

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Appreciating Diversity by Mind Map: Appreciating Diversity

1. Social Studies

1.1. Native American Tribes

1.2. Archeological digs

1.3. Geography/routes

1.4. What is diversity?

1.5. communities, what were theirs like?

2. Language Arts

2.1. read stories about diversity

2.1.1. Sneeches

2.1.2. The crayon box that talked

2.2. times when I have been treated differently b/c of who I am

2.3. times when I have treated someone else differently. Why?

2.4. create and act out a play about an important event

3. Art

3.1. sand paintings

3.2. pottery

3.3. draw pictures of what diversity means to you

3.4. draw pictures for your story

4. Science

4.1. farming, growing food

4.1.1. Growing conditions were different in the 'New Land'

4.1.2. How did Native Americans do it?

4.2. what do plants need to grow (review)

5. Math

5.1. money

5.2. trading posts

5.3. Number of members in tribes

5.4. How many tribes were there?

5.5. distances they traveled

6. Physical Education

6.1. dances

6.2. weapons?

6.3. hunting

6.4. gathering

6.5. what games did they play?

7. Music

7.1. make drums

7.2. drum circles

7.3. flutes

7.4. learn some Native American songs