'The Group'

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'The Group' by Mind Map: 'The Group'

1. Website features

1.1. Stage 1

1.1.1. Team area Post projects Form Teams Go in a more private mode for a project Communicate with team members on each project (ie. private messages, general discussion, file sharing, etc.)

1.1.2. Public website Introduction to who we are What we are Why you should love us Possibly show of some work already

1.2. Stage 2

1.3. Stage 3

1.3.1. New node New node

2. Startup

2.1. Possibly in two steps, where step (1) is to get the group going, and start injecting clients into it, and step (2) to give the group a more public face and let it be discoverable by new potential clients.

2.2. Most likely based on existing forum software at first.

2.2.1. New node

3. Possible names:

3.1. HAVe

3.2. Auroxis

3.3. letsindigo.com

3.4. Indigo