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Salesforce CRM by Mind Map: Salesforce CRM

1. Administration

1.1. Standard Objects

1.1.1. Accounts

1.1.2. Contacts

1.1.3. Opportunities Potential Sales deals associated with accounts. Make up sales pipeline and forecasts. Associated with contacts.

1.1.4. Cases Customer feedback, problems, or questions. Associated with accounts and contacts. Used to resolve issues.

1.1.5. Solutions Contain a description of customer issues and resolutions. Associated with cases.

1.1.6. Campaigns Marketing projects. Have related leads and contacts show as campaign members. Have related opportunities.

1.1.7. Leads Individuals interested in your products or services. Associated to campaigns. Converted into accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

1.1.8. User

1.1.9. Tasks / Events

1.2. Customer Onboarding

1.2.1. Company Information Name and address Primary contact Default locale Default currency Storage used Licences available

1.2.2. Financial Information Fiscal Year Currencies Multi-Currency Advanced Currency Management

1.2.3. Support Information Business Hours Holidays

1.3. Troubleshooting Issues

1.3.1. User's Login History

1.3.2. Invalid Passwords in Active Users

1.3.3. Password Policies

1.3.4. Logging in as an End User

1.4. General Administration

1.4.1. Login Methods User Interface API Desktop or Mobile Clients

1.4.2. Login Verification Login Restrictions: Login Hour restrictions Trusted IP range: IP address restrictions Valid Cookie Stored Computer Activation Process: "Email me a verification code"

1.4.3. Organization-Wide Settings Company information and primary contact details Default language, locale, and timezone License information Search Settings Global Search Sidebar Search Advanced Search Fiscal year settings Currencies and exchange rates: single currency, multiple currency (enables by Salesforce) My domain

1.4.4. User Interface Record-Level Configuration Collapsible detail page sections Inline field editing Enable hover details: Mini page layout Enable separate loading of relating lists Enable inline editing Enable enhanced lists Enable printable list views Enable spell checker Activate Extended Mail Merge Sidebar Enable collapsible sidebar Calendar settings Sidebar settings: quick create Show custom sidebar components on all pages

1.4.5. Security Settings Standard Profiles Customizations Profile Types Sharing Settings Controlled by Parent Private Public Read Only Public Read/Write Public Read/Write/Transfer Public Full Access Grant Access Using Hierarchies User Types Marketing User Offline User Knowledge User Service Cloud User Mobile User User Permissions Create a profile with the "Manger Users" permission Use delegated administration Password Configurations Clone, edit, or delete profile Edit or delete sharing settings Edit user login hours Unlock users who are locked out of Salesforce Deactivating Users

2. Platform /

2.1. Programatic

2.1.1. Test Environments Configuration-only sandbox Creates copy of metadata from prod Copies reports, dashboards, price-books, and products Used to configure prod, create objects and relationships, and reploy them to prod Does not copy any production data Developer sandbox Used to coding and testing Copies entire configuration and customization of the production org Does not copy any production data Apex and Visualforce coding is also copied Full copy sandbox Copies entire production org, its data records, documents, and attachments Have same IDs of the records as that of prod only when it has been freshly created

2.2. Declarative

2.2.1. Objects Standard Objects Custom Objects Fields Relationships Limits

2.2.2. User Interface Application Tabs Custom Object Tab Web Tabs Visualforce Tabs Page Layouts Views Page Layout Editor

2.2.3. Business Logic Entry Criteria Criteria is met Formula evaluates to true Validation Rule Formula Currency Date Date / Time Number Percent Text Roll-Up Summary Fields Count Sum Min Max Workflow Evaluation Criteria Action Approval Process Process Definition Initial Submission Actions Step Definition Define Approval/Rejection Actions Use Process Visualizer Parallel Approval Process Send Approvals to upto 25 different people When multiple approvers are selected Approver's may also approve the request Can assign to queue or list of approvers

2.2.4. Data Management Tools Available Apex Data Loader Cloud Import Wizard Record ID 15 Character ID 18 Character ID URL Format Instance Name 1st three characters are object identifier Remaining are record identifiers Appending to URL CSV Mapping File / Output Success.csv Errors.csv Setting up Data Loader Server Host Bulk API Start At Row Inserting Null Values Batch Size

2.2.5. Analytics and Reporting Types of Report Tabular Summary Matric Joined Scheduled Future Runs Daily Weekly Monthly Every Weekday Everyday Specify Start Times Custom Report Types Dashboard Components Bar Vertical Bar Line Pie Donut Funnel Gauge Tabular Metric Visualforce Custom Chart Analytical Snapshot Summary Fields Sum Largest Value Smallest Value Average Formulas Summary Fields

2.2.6. Application Administration Types of Licenses Chatter Free - Free Salesforce Salesforce Platform Translation Workbench Security Pyramid: Most Restrictive to Least Organization-Wide Defaults / Sharing Settings Profile and Role-Based Sharing Sharing Rules Manual Sharing Permission Set Auditing Processes Setup Audit Trail Logs Field History Standard Profiles System administrator Authenticated website user Standard platform user user Contract manager Standard user Password policies: Defaults Expires in 90 days Users cannot use three previous passwords

2.2.7. Licenses Salesforce Salesforce Platform - One App Subscription Knowledge Only User Chatter Free Chatter External Chatter Only