IMA Media Collaboration Studio (MCS)

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IMA Media Collaboration Studio (MCS) by Mind Map: IMA Media  Collaboration Studio (MCS)

1. Production and Design

1.1. Print and Publication Design

1.2. Video Production

1.3. Interactive and Web Design

2. Backroom


2.1.1. Research of organizations and groups


2.2.1. Assessment of needs and goals of group

2.2.2. timetable/length of commiment

2.2.3. compensation/exchange ideas


2.3.1. Match projects with students

3. Side Projects

3.1. Researching Non Profits, Edu. Orgs, Community Groups

3.2. Compiling Calls and Opp. list and google calendar for EyeSpeak

3.3. subLima library collab

3.4. studio work space outside or preferably within Hunter campus

3.4.1. Department of arts and cultural management

3.4.2. Real Estate Developers / Management Firms

3.4.3. LMCC?

3.4.4. Hunter 39th Street?

3.5. Create puuuurfect playlist

4. Advocacy

4.1. Study of outreach needs and possibilities

4.2. Assessment of useful media projects

4.3. Social impact evaluation

4.4. Grant research