Lost at the ' Fun Fair "

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Lost at the ' Fun Fair " by Mind Map: Lost at the ' Fun Fair "

1. Paragraph 1

1.1. Me, my brother, policeman

1.2. Breezy afternoon

1.3. I clapped my hands in what I saw

2. Paragraph 2

2.1. I realised my brother was gone

2.2. I was frightened, shocked and did not know what to do

2.3. Brother, danced with a group of children

3. Paragraph 3

3.1. Brother suddenly noticed that he was lost

3.2. Policeman found my brother, helped him find me

3.3. A kind lady found me, helped me find my brother

4. Paragraph 4

4.1. I saw my brother on the policeman's sholders and called him

4.2. brother, happy to be with me

4.3. I thanked the policeman and the kind lady

4.4. Everyone was happy