3440:001--Cohort 2--Scientific Method & Design

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3440:001--Cohort 2--Scientific Method & Design by Mind Map: 3440:001--Cohort 2--Scientific Method & Design


1.1. solve

1.2. Discovery

1.3. theory


1.5. evaluation

1.6. process

1.7. neutral

1.7.1. Is knowledge neutral? The social construction of knowledge.

1.8. progression

1.9. understanding

1.10. experiment

1.11. system

1.12. trial/error


2.1. Cycle

2.2. build

2.3. iterative

2.4. create

2.5. liberal

2.5.1. A Process that is open to how you perceive things and the design process is creating something that works for you and it is very open.

2.6. product

2.7. Landscaping

2.7.1. redesigning putting up trees concept maps

2.7.2. tie it back into create

2.8. production

2.9. solution

2.9.1. Are solutions obsolete 30 seconds after you come up with them? OR Is that just part of the iterative process? If you are actually trying to solve the problem then you should be happy that there is a better solution. If you are in it for the fame then you might be disappointed, however a solution is a solution so yay rah! This is a part of life, you know you are always learning things and how to do things better (e.g., cooking something you learn to cook it better the next time, talk to a chef and they can help you to improve). It isn't bad to have competition, it actually pushes folks to do better (e.g., space race).

2.10. innovative

2.11. detailed