Phosphine on Venus

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Phosphine on Venus by Mind Map: Phosphine on Venus

1. What is the news?

1.1. discovery of traces of molecule called Phosphine on Venus

1.1.1. Phosphine Phosphorus atom surrounded by 3 hydrogen atoms

1.1.2. by astronomers from Cardiff University University of Cambridge,UK

1.1.3. Can imply existence of life forms that releases phosphine through bio-chemical pathways

2. Phosphine 1st observed by

2.1. Prof.Greaves

2.1.1. using James Clerk Maxwell Telescope In Mauna Kea Observatory,Hawaii

2.2. Phosphine on venus confirmed by

2.2.1. Atacama Large Millimeter Array Radio telescope In Chile

3. Why Phosphine gas considered a biomarker of life?

3.1. Production of Phosphine on earth

3.1.1. through Industrial Processes Anaerobic bacteria living in oxygen less enviornment like

3.2. If industrial processes ruled out the only source of phosphine is anaerobic bacteria

4. Presence of Phosphine on other planets

4.1. Jupiter

4.1.1. fomed deep in the interior of the planet which rise to the top in a purely chemical process

4.2. Saturn

5. Is life possible on Venus?

5.1. Conditions on Venus Extreme

5.1.1. High Surface temperature 470 degree celsius Why so hot? runaway greenhouse affect

5.1.2. Extreme Pressure

5.1.3. High acidic atmosphere

5.1.4. atmosphere entirely of carbondioxide

5.1.5. Affect very hard to harbour life

5.2. On higher on its atmosphere clouds can provide a cooler home for microbial life

5.2.1. possibility of life

6. Any definite signs of life found on venus?

6.1. more work requred to find out

6.1.1. whether the amount of phosphine found in venus atmosphere 20 parts per billion is either by

7. Any Space missions sent to Venus?

7.1. Venus Express

7.1.1. by European Space Agency

7.2. Akatsuki

7.2.1. by JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

7.3. Countries planning space missions to Venus

7.3.1. NASA By next year

7.3.2. India Developing informally called Shukrayaan-1