Bringing Plants Indoor This Winter

Things to Consider while bringing plants indoor.

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Bringing Plants Indoor This Winter by Mind Map: Bringing Plants Indoor This Winter

1. Temperature

1.1. If temperature is too hot or too cold plant will die.

1.1.1. Like humans even plants don't like too much hot or too much cold conditions.

1.2. We have to maintain apt temperature for plants good growth.

1.2.1. When we are bringing the plants indoor try to maintain the best temperature for the plant as we are bringing them to an artificial home where they don't belong to.

2. Fertilizer

2.1. Right fertilizer apt for each plant.

2.1.1. As indoor plants are kept in pots it wont get the natural nutrients so we have to provide the extra nutrients .

2.2. Fertilize the plants which will help them grow healthy.

2.2.1. Fertilize the plant once in a month or once in two months .

2.3. Try to use home made fertilizers.

2.3.1. Try to use home made nutrients always. I use home made nutrients only for all my indoor as well as outdoor plants. They are showing very good results.

3. Water

3.1. We should not water the indoor plants as we water the outdoor plants.

3.1.1. Outdoor plants are more exposed to sun than indoor plants. So they need lesser water. indoor plants needs vary for different plant types. some plants can stay un watered even for weeks or even a month like ZZ Plants.

3.2. Water the plants only when the soil dries out completely.

3.2.1. Check the soil on the top 2inch . if its dry you can water the plant.

3.3. Check for symptoms that the plants will show when it needs to be watered.

3.3.1. Leaves droops. Example: Peace Lily droops its leaves when it needs leaves.

4. Light

4.1. Indoor plants like any other plants needs light to grow, survive and produce flowers, leaves or fruits.

4.2. Try to keep the plants in a place where there is good sunlight.

4.2.1. some plants needs good amount of sunlight. Some plants needs direct sunlight

4.2.2. some plants needs lesser or even no light some plants needs partial sunlight / needs less or can even be kept in a place that gets 0 sunlight

5. Soil

5.1. Choose the right soil mixture for your plant

5.1.1. Soil mix should have equal amount of soil perlite, sand and coco pit.

5.2. All plants have different soil needs

5.2.1. Indoor plants needs airy soil

5.3. Choose and select the soil mix wisely so that it suits the plants need.

5.3.1. Right soil selection is very important for all the plants as each plant belongs to different environments. Plants that we bring indoor might be from a desert or rainforest or any other environment.

6. Humidity

6.1. some indoor plants need high humidity

6.2. some indoor plant need less humidity

6.3. some indoor plant hates humidity

6.4. Artificial ways of creating humidity for the plants.

6.4.1. If there is no humidity indoor, create artificial humidity by keeping a pot of soil near the plant that loves humidity.

6.4.2. Keep the plant in the bathroom for giving it some humidity.