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What is technology? by Mind Map: What is technology?

1. (upacesky, 2013) Studio microphone

2. (Tonyk, 2011) Mobile Phone

3. What I thought before...

3.1. I initially thought in two ways

3.1.1. My simple idea...

3.1.2. My thoughtful idea... I believe that it is difficult to perfectly define technology. With that said, I think that it can be defined as any original, innovative, and novel idea/thought, which could be presented in several different ways.

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8. After the research...

8.1. Changes are happening...

8.1.1. (Nguyen, 2016) This fantastic Tedx Talk explores the idea of technology from another perspective. Nguyen takes the modern definition of technology to a substantial, yet realistic level. He talks about some differences and most of the similarities between the real world vs. the virtual world. He goes on to state that in the future, we might be able to have a conversation with ourselves and that the virtual world will be just as material as the actual world.

9. Conclusion:

9.1. From the culmination of information in this mind map, I have realized that the word 'technology' is a very difficult word to define (just as I thought in my first attempt at defining the term). I know now that I can't directly define it (without discussing the opposing view). However, I can confidently say that technology is too much of a broad term to be categorized into one category (ex.electronics). In conclusion, technology can be defined as many things (and has been countless of times), but the true meaning of it lies behind the personal perspective of the individual who asks themselves the question: what is technology?

10. What I believe now...

10.1. My journey, and how I came to my conclusion...

10.1.1. "Technology has two primary components: 1) a physical component which comprises of items such as products, tooling, equipments, blueprints, techniques, and processes; and 2) the informational component which consists of know-how in management, marketing, production, quality control, reliability, skilled labor and functional areas." (Kumar, V., Kumar, U. & Persaud, A, 1999) When I first viewed the information in this quote, my primary thought was to agree with him as I have also thought of this topic in the same manner. But, after looking at the information more thoroughly, I began to realize that I had a lot to learn about. I particularly like the way the authors broke the complex topic into two components.

10.1.2. "Human’s use of technology involves not only machines (e.g., computer hardware) and instruments, but also includes structured relations with other humans, machines, and the environment. In short, technology is more than a collection of machines and devices. To go beyond simplistic intuitions about technology requires investigation of the human mind and socio-cultural environment as well as interactions with technological artifacts" (Isman, 2012, 208) I loved this particular quote as it explicitly states that our use of modern technology is not just limited to electronic devices. After understanding Isman's perspective on this topic, I thought of many questions.

10.1.3. (Apple, 2019) This video by Apple really made me think about my simple idea (when I first thought of the meaning of technology). This commercial not only showed the iPad as an innovative technological advancement, it also showed other everyday technology such as a car, an airplane, a bridge, lights, etc. Furthermore, I thought about the simplicity of our world now, due to technology. It surprises me that we can do everything with just a tap of a button.

10.1.4. (Singer, 2005) This is a very interesting picture. I find it alluring, as I too at some point felt like the man in the picture. Viewing this funny comic made me think back to those times and what led me to act in such away. This comic strip is so much more than just something to view and laugh at. It really shows us how our society can be around technology.

10.1.5. “Technology is messy and complex. It is difficult to define and to understand. In its variety, it is full of contradictions, laden with human folly, saved by occasional benign deeds, and rich with unintended consequences.” (p. 1) “Defining technology in its complexity,” he continued, “is as difficult as grasping the essence of politics.” (Hughes, 2004, p. 2) Hughes goes on to make his own definition later in the book. He defines technology as: “a creativity process involving human ingenuity.” (Hughes, 2004, p. 3) I especially admire this quote due to its sheer truthfulness. Hughes is raw about the way he talks about the meaning of technology. Even his own definition of technology is short and broad, while maintaining a clear and concise message. His definition made me wonder...