Subject-Verb Agreement

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Subject-Verb Agreement by Mind Map: Subject-Verb Agreement

1. compound subjects

1.1. and

1.1.1. Tom and Betty have several dogs.

1.1.2. The boys and the girl work together well.

1.2. or

1.2.1. The doctors or Betty has the medicine we need.

1.2.2. Better or the doctors have the medicine we need.

2. Noun Types

2.1. Uncountables

2.1.1. The rice has filled three bowls.

2.1.2. The homework is due in a week.

2.2. Collective Nouns

2.2.1. The team has a game tomorrow.

2.2.2. My family likes to go to the beach.

2.3. Compound Nouns

2.3.1. Her brothers-in-law are fans of the Gators.

2.3.2. The attorneys general have refused to pursue the case.

2.4. Countables

2.4.1. The nurse works long hours.

2.4.2. The doctors have prepared well for this surgery.

2.5. -ing words

2.5.1. Traveling with friends makes the trip more enjoyable.

2.5.2. Working hard at my studies keeps me from falling behind.

3. there

3.1. There are six people in line for the movie.

3.2. There is a new store at the mall.

4. Auxiliary Verbs

4.1. BE verbs

4.1.1. linking verb Steve is tall.

4.1.2. questions Is he tired?

4.1.3. progressive They were playing soccer.

4.2. have verbs

4.2.1. present perfect He has walked the whole distance. They haven't seen him in an hour.

4.2.2. questions Have they seen the movie yet? Hasn't she talked with her sister?

4.3. Do verbs

4.3.1. Questions Does he always drive? Do they study together?

4.3.2. Negatives They don't like to visit during the week. He doesn't like to play video games.

4.3.3. Emphasis She does like "Big Bang Theory." They don't enjoy a noisy restaurant.

4.4. Modals

4.4.1. He will arrive on time.

4.4.2. They should be here soon.

5. Wh- words

5.1. Questions

5.1.1. What makes him so sure he is right?

5.1.2. Where are the paint brushes?

5.2. Adjectives

5.2.1. Tobias who is a carpenter made this bookshelf for me.

5.2.2. She greeted the men who were in the hallway.

6. Indefinite Pronouns

6.1. singular

6.1.1. Everybody in the swimming pool swims for our team.

6.1.2. Each of the girls is preparing for a different career.

6.2. plural

6.2.1. Both of the boys are in my class.

6.3. depends

6.3.1. Few have worked as hard as Harold

6.3.2. Some of the workers are eating lunch.

6.3.3. Some of the money is wet.