Uru Democracy 2.0 talk, Dor Konforty

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Uru Democracy 2.0 talk, Dor Konforty by Mind Map: Uru Democracy 2.0 talk, Dor Konforty

1. Q&A

1.1. User identity verification?

1.1.1. Count on FaceBook for now

1.2. Are feelings left out?

1.2.1. To large extent, yes, but the dichtomy isn't the case

1.3. How much effort will be required by users?

1.3.1. Small effort

1.3.2. Uru promises the chance to get your vision pushed A promise of real meritocracy

1.4. You assume ppl want consensus, but reality proves otherwise

1.4.1. Yes, but they want more to have their vision realized

2. Uru's project

2.1. Momentum circle

2.1.1. Information base Objective information base Users can collect their info For crea For generating vision

2.1.2. Discussions system Can start with collected info from info base Define vision How he'd like reality to be Write doc Others can Rank the vision Suggest changes Rank the project if it contained a suggestion The resulting document is the "integrated information" aggregating many ppl General discussion Users can choose to give mandate to other users Who will represent them as proxy You get visibility on all proxy actions Every week or 2 you need to confirm your proxies Mechanism for diminishing returns to ensure many proxies Gamification Every user has a limited amount of allocated daily energy Users self moderate themselves & use their energy sparingly Users try to earn energy by merit

2.1.3. Actions &events When a vision stands out as mature enough, it appears in the dashboard All info collected for the vision is displayed Ppl can support it Create actions View timeline

2.2. Comprehensive user page

2.2.1. Displaying all of his activities

3. Solution

3.1. Integrated information

3.1.1. As in the brain Some neurons aggregate informAtiom

4. Problem

4.1. Can't hear everyone

4.1.1. Noise

4.2. Cant Reach consensus

4.3. Can't make decision

5. Communication evolution

5.1. One to one

5.2. One to many

5.3. Many to many

6. About

6.1. Uru

6.2. Democracy 2.0

6.3. The system is in beta, pls help testing it