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My family by Mind Map: My family

1. Mom

1.1. Evangelina Herrera Chavez

1.1.1. My mother is difficult to understand, because she is very bipolar She is very jealous Bossy Amusing Brave and a very good mother

1.1.2. Yes my mother is very beautiful

1.1.3. Very flirtatious

1.1.4. very clean

1.1.5. Con unos ojos hermosos de color verdes

2. Dad

2.1. Agustín Robles De los Santos

2.1.1. My dad is very strong in all aspects He is dark, brown eyes, black hair, a charming smile, nice, tall, skinny. He is stubborn Strict Joyful Helpful

3. Older brother

3.1. José Emanuel Robles Herrera

3.1.1. My older brother is a good example to follow.

3.1.2. He is sympathetic

3.1.3. likes to help people

3.1.4. He is a good father since he has two children who do not need anything

3.1.5. Clever

3.1.6. Gentle

3.1.7. and very funny

4. Sister

4.1. Gabriela Robles Herrera

4.1.1. She for me is the best sister Confident Brave Cleve Amusing

4.1.2. His physical features are You have beautiful green eyes light skinned Black hair Has a very beautiful smile

5. Younger brother

5.1. Nicolas de Jesus Robles Herrera

5.1.1. He is a boy with a nice personality Gentle Hearty Brave Impatient

5.1.2. Its physical aspects are is brown high with a small nose Laughs very hard