Dark Side of Textbooks

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Dark Side of Textbooks by Mind Map: Dark Side of Textbooks

1. Read

1.1. In class

1.1.1. Listen to Linda's explanation

1.1.2. Take notes

1.1.3. Braindstorming in group

1.1.4. Take ideas from the group

1.1.5. Read one of the four papers about textbooks

1.2. At home

1.2.1. Read emails from the group .

1.2.2. Read more information on the Internet . . .

1.2.3. Read again the paper and highmark the most important

1.2.4. See others groups work in the same activity

2. Reflect-do

2.1. Individually

2.1.1. Make a summary of the paper about textbooks

2.1.2. Send emails to my group .

2.1.3. Facilitator's motivation

2.1.4. Take pictures of our group .

2.1.5. Send the pictures to the group .

2.1.6. Do a presentation with Slideshare explaining the process of our activity .

2.1.7. Prepare the atrezzo

2.1.8. Edit the videos

2.1.9. Upload the videos in You Tube .

2.2. By group

2.2.1. Make a list with our ideas taken from the four papers and the web

2.2.2. Make a script for the advertisements

2.2.3. Modify the scripts

2.2.4. Translate the scripts, in terms to have it in both languages

2.2.5. Decide who will be the director and the actors in each advertisement

2.2.6. Search for spaces where we can record the videos

2.2.7. Reserve a group cabin in the library

2.2.8. Take pictures of the Making of .

2.2.9. Record the videos .

3. Share

3.1. In class

3.1.1. Share our experience in class

3.1.2. Share the ideas of the whole class

3.2. Email

3.2.1. . Share our summaries and ideas Send the URL of the wideos to the group

3.3. Blog

3.3.1. . The roles of the week The process of the activity Share our emotional behavior and some pictures Share the advertisement in the blog Share our experience and reflections in the blog