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Shakti by Mind Map: Shakti

1. Kamakshi or Rajarajeshwari

1.1. She is the Great Mother

2. Lakshmi

2.1. Goddess of wealth

2.1.1. Also gives intellectual wealth

2.1.2. She is praised and celebrated because she brings prosperity, fruitfulness, and peace

2.2. Opposite of her husband

2.3. Appearance

2.3.1. She has four hands which are extended in a blessing

2.3.2. Four Hands

3. The Divine Force

3.1. She is shown in many forms

4. Shakti Energy

4.1. Feminine energy of the Universal

5. Adi Skakti

5.1. The ultimate feminine power

6. Sarasvati

6.1. The Hindu Muse

6.2. Goddess of Knowledge

6.2.1. She holds the power of speech, learning and wisdom

6.2.2. Also the goddess of arts

6.3. She provides knowledge and enlightenment

6.4. Appearance

6.4.1. Portrayed in White

6.5. Her name means "The one who Flows"

6.6. other names

6.6.1. Sarada Giver of essence

6.6.2. Brahmi Wife of Brahma

6.6.3. Mahavidya Holder of supreme Knowledge

6.6.4. Arya Noble one

6.6.5. Bahrati Eloquence

6.6.6. Maha-Vidya Transcendent Knowldege

7. Parvati

7.1. gentle consort of Shiva

7.2. Other Forms

7.2.1. Kali Goddess of destruction Usually shown on top of a demons corpse. She provides mental and spiritual strength

7.2.2. Durga Warrior Goddess

7.3. Worshipped

7.4. Goddess of love and devotion

7.4.1. brings power and genius

8. Devi

8.1. Referred to as the Divine Mother

8.2. "Mother of life"

8.3. She also has has other forms

8.3.1. Kali

8.3.2. Durga

8.3.3. Sarasvathi

8.3.4. Lakshmi

8.4. Truth

8.5. Described as the "skin" of Shakti

9. Bibliography