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Shakti by Mind Map: Shakti
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She is married Brahma. She is shown with four hands and dressed in all white.

The Hindu Muse

She is still worshipped even though she is one of the oldest goddesses. Hindu musicians chant to her before preformances

Goddess of Knowledge

She is the source of all knowledge and also the experience of the highest reality.

She provides knowledge and enlightenment


She has a white complexion, and is very beautiful and graceful

Her name means "The one who Flows"

other names

Kamakshi or Rajarajeshwari

She is the Great Mother


Pravati is the wife of Shiva. Both Parvati and her other forms have eight arms, and very dark skin.

gentle consort of Shiva

Other Forms


She is wprshipped for having a happy family life.

Goddess of love and devotion


She emerged from the Milk ocean and married Vishnu

Goddess of wealth

Lakshmi is dressed in a red sari and is shown holding coins in her two hands. The coins symbolize her belssings. -Beauty                                    -Proserity                              -Good fortune

Opposite of her husband

She cannot punish anyone, where her husband chooses how people will be punished.


Beautiful woman, with a golden complexion. She has four hands, usually seen sitting or standing on a lotus and holding a lotus bud. She always wears gold embroidered red clothes. Red symbolizes activity           Golding lining indicates prosperity.

The Divine Force

Every God in Hinduism has Shakti; without it, they do not have energy.

She is shown in many forms

Shakti Energy

The energy that is given has no beginning or end. It moves through in alternating periods of motion.

Feminine energy of the Universal


She also has eight arms and carries a sword in one hand.

Referred to as the Divine Mother

"Mother of humanity"

"Mother of life"

She is present in all women

She also has has other forms


Worshipping Truth amounts to worshipping the Goddess herself.

Described as the "skin" of Shakti

Adi Skakti

The ultimate feminine power