Borghild Bø Website Project

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Borghild Bø Website Project by Mind Map: Borghild Bø Website Project

1. Display personal information or daily activities as in a blog

2. Sell products on-line.

2.1. Artwork

2.2. Audio Meditations

2.3. Consultation

2.4. Webinars

2.5. Publications

2.6. Workshops

2.7. Video Download

3. Display information about a company or organization, the form of a mission statement or vision

4. Display a gallery of Artwork

4.1. Linking it to FotoMoto, so that photos and images can be sold.

5. Place videos on-line for public viewing.

5.1. Set up You Tube Channel

6. Web Pages

6.1. About Borghild Bø

6.2. Gallery

6.3. Store

6.4. Publications

6.5. Philosophy

6.6. Contact

6.7. Consulting

7. Edgar's Agreement

7.1. Build a Custom Designed Website

7.2. Link website to social networks

7.3. Design Logo

7.4. Provide Unlimited revisions for Logo and Website design until Borghild is satisfied with the design

7.5. Add metatag information for website

7.6. Provide ongoing WordPress coaching so that Borghild has the freedom to update her website freely.

8. Design Concept

8.1. Simplicity

8.1.1. tao

8.2. Elegance

8.3. Easy Navigation

8.4. Dynamic

8.4.1. slide show

8.5. Subtle

8.6. Nature tones

8.7. Buddhist Tanka insignia