Internet Safety

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Internet Safety by Mind Map: Internet Safety

1. Moible Phones

1.1. Reply to people u no

1.2. Delete Messages the upset you

1.2.1. Tell an Adult

1.3. Sparm

1.3.1. Don't give out Personal info or pics

1.3.2. Delete straight away

1.4. Online Meeting

1.4.1. Get advice from parents

1.5. Stop and Think before doing

1.6. Don't meet people in chat rooms

1.6.1. Even friends

1.7. Don't use it in dangerous places

2. Intant Messages

2.1. Don't give person. info

2.2. ask fo permision

2.3. Don't add strangers

2.4. Tell an adult if u get upset

2.5. Delete spam messages

3. Chat room

3.1. make a nick name

3.1.1. Don't give real name

3.2. Age appropiate

3.3. You can give out gen. info

3.4. Can't give personal info

3.5. Don't give address

4. Email

4.1. Check if any virus

4.2. Don't give pers. info

4.3. Tell PARENTS if somone wants pers. info

4.4. Delete Emails that upset u

4.5. Don't open any spam messages

5. Web Browsing

5.1. Info on Google isan't always real

5.2. Compare websites

5.3. Go to children friendly searches

5.3.1. Yahoo

5.3.2. Ask

5.3.3. Google

5.4. Compare Websites

5.5. Check who's the author

5.5.1. who made or wrote your website

6. Online Forum

6.1. Find out Whats going on

6.1.1. When you open e-mail

6.2. You can reply by adding your own ideas

6.3. Never give out Pers. info

6.4. Don't have to identify

6.5. Meeting Places