Basic ADDIE steps for course creators

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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. 1. Analyze

1.1. A. Identify the Problem

1.1.1. B. Identify the Audience C. Identify Goals & Objectives D. Identify Current Training Resources

2. 5. Evaluate

2.1. A. Set Up the Tracking System

2.1.1. B. Set Up the Satisfaction Survey C. Define the Measure of Success D. Formative Evaluations

3. 4. Implement

3.1. A. Make a Communication Plan

3.1.1. B. Make a Change Management Plan C. Upload the Course to the LMS D. Train the Trainers

4. 3. Develop

4.1. A. Cannibalize Existing Content

4.1.1. B. Add New Audio/Visuals C. Make Tests, Assignments, & Handouts D. Make Social Media

5. 2. Design

5.1. A. Set Learning Objectives

5.1.1. B. Make a Storyboard C. Choose Strategy D. Choose Delivery Method