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Manel Rives by Mind Map: Manel Rives

1. Reading

1.1. We document in this way with Manel's speech

1.1.1. numerous examples that Manel gave us, which had been made ​​by his students.

1.2. Linda also told to us something about it

1.3. Slides about teaching with media puted in Sakai

2. Reflecting

2.1. Toontastic

2.1.1. For doing it, we use our imagination, also our voice, and an app for iPad that convers our creation in a virtual story

2.2. Comic

2.2.1. We use pictures made it outside of university with pine-trees and do it with a camera

2.2.2. Used plastiline to make some details

2.2.3. We invent a story about the dinosaurus life

2.2.4. Also, we had to use Adobe Reader in this case for could upload in our blog

2.3. Stop Motion

2.3.1. With papers, dinosaurus and plastiline we made about 300 pictures

2.3.2. The landscape are made with the same that in comic. We also includes wood, pebbles and flowers.

2.3.3. For the completion of the stop motion we included in it, music and effects for the video.

3. Sharing

3.1. Youtube

3.2. Blogspot

3.2.1. Manel's Blog

3.2.2. The Best Group Of Bilingual

3.3. Tuenti

3.4. Hotamil

3.5. Toontube