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Remote Sensing Satellite: "Beijing No.1" in Great Wall study by Mind Map: Remote Sensing Satellite: "Beijing
No.1" in Great Wall study
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Remote Sensing Satellite: "Beijing No.1" in Great Wall study

Spatial Archaeology

detect ancient sites

investigate underwater sites

analyze ancient environments

make maps & build spatial info

rebuild ancient sites

Beijing 1

Comparison with SPOT

spatial resolution= 2.5m

B1 domestic = cheaper for Chinese scholars

Great Wall= 2-3 pixels

auto-extraction also somewhat problematic


launched in 2005

launched by China

one of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) moonlet

wide image range= 600km

spatial resolution= 4m

high temporal resolution= 2-3 days

Great Wall= 1-2 pixels

Study Subject

The Great Wall of China

Ming Dynasty

mainly: soil/brick

several meters high

six meters wide

New node

Huanghuacheng section

repaired contemporary era

relatively good condition

Badaling Section

some parts repaired in 2004

mostly collapsed


4m resolution can recognize the Great Wall relatively easily

more info needed in Great Wall auto-extractgion

Beijing1 data can rival SPOT5 data in info extraction

resolution of multi-spectrum less than panchromatic--> PCA & Gram-Schmidt transform achieve ok results



Linear Object methods, filter methods, Grade Direction Analysis, Template matching, SNAKE Model, GIS method


when spatial res. less than 10m = linear

higher density than environment = high echo on microwave

higher density than environment = high spectral value