Creating a positive teaching and learning environment.

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Creating a positive teaching and learning environment. by Mind Map: Creating a positive teaching and learning environment.

1. How can management support and encourage a positive moral in the school?

1.1. listening to teachers and students

1.2. focus on positive aspects of school life

2. Positive teachers

2.1. What makes a happy teacher?

2.1.1. Collegiality

2.1.2. Trust

2.1.3. Equality of treatment

2.1.4. Happy students

3. What makes a happy school?

3.1. Happy Staff

3.2. Happy Students

3.3. Celebrating success

3.4. Positive atmosphere

4. Wellbeing

4.1. How to promote this so that it becomes a natural part of school life, rather than a means to an end?

4.1.1. Wellbeing in curriculum active aware connected resilient responsible

4.1.2. Wellbeing culture Celebrations Quizzes Collegialty Fun

4.1.3. Wellbeing in relationships Respect Humour Interest Collaboration Equal voices

4.1.4. Wellbeing in policy and planning Implementing all of the above so they become a natural part of school life

5. What makes a happy student?

5.1. Being heard

5.2. Trust

5.3. Respect

5.4. Having a choice

6. How can we make each other happier?

6.1. Kindness

6.2. Respect

6.3. Equality of treatment

6.4. Oppertunities

6.5. Caring for one another

6.6. Support

7. What causes low moral?

7.1. Inequalities

7.2. Voices not heard

7.3. Oppertunities missed

7.4. No fun

7.5. Focus on poor behaviour

7.6. Negative issues highlighted all the time

8. What aspect do I want to study?

8.1. Who

8.1.1. Students

8.1.2. Teachers

8.2. What

8.2.1. How to boost moral in schools

8.3. Why

8.3.1. I want to work in a postive environment

8.3.2. I want my colleagues and my students to enjoy their school life

8.3.3. I want to have some impact on the moral of the school

8.4. Where

8.4.1. My workplace, the school with my friends, colleagues, students

8.5. When

8.5.1. 2021?

8.6. How

8.6.1. Wellbeing/celebration of success initiative

8.6.2. Bringing student voice to the centre

8.6.3. Promoting use of student voice to bring school commuity together

9. The use of media to boost moral

9.1. Twitter showing achievements

9.2. Emails

9.3. Newspaper

9.4. Website

9.5. TV screens in school

9.6. Use of intercom

10. The use of assemblies to boost moral

10.1. Face to face

10.2. Celebrating success

10.3. Everyone is equal

10.4. Fun element

10.5. Hearing the student voice

10.6. Communication tool