Maranda Jacksons Freshman Portfolio

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Maranda Jacksons Freshman Portfolio by Mind Map: Maranda Jacksons Freshman Portfolio

1. Write for me- Read to me

1.1. Project Reflection

1.1.1. In the project Write for me- Read to me, my job was to create a children's book that was about a child that we had been assigned. We had to incorporate that child's family, interests, and characteristics. This project involved a lot of planning and thinking. My group and I had to write the story that went inside the book. Then we had to plan out what words would go where with what picture. Once the book was done, we then had to read the book to that child. Standards involved in this: 9-10.WH.4, 9-10.WH.5, 9-10.WH.6. In this project we had to write a clear, organized, appropriate, interesting story. This story had to be planned, revised, and rewritten, on a specific topic. We had to use technology to produce, publish, and to update or revise individual or shared documents. I am very proud of this project. I loved how I had the chance to do my story anyway that I wanted. I discovered new websites, that fit my project better. If I had the chance to do anything over, I would've figured out a faster process of making the book. I am going to take what I learned and hopefully apply it to other projects in the future.

1.2. Project

2. World Oppression and Slavery: Past to Present

2.1. Project Reflection

2.1.1. In the project World Oppression and Slavery: Past to Present, my task was to write an essay about oppression. I had to research oppression in a country that I was assigned, then answer the driving questions that were given. The driving questions were: Is oppression inevitable? Why have we NOT been able to eradicate oppression in a civilized world? What are major short term and long term effects of the different types of oppression? What can be done to eliminate oppression and improve the quality of life? Standards involved in this project: 9-10.RH.4, 9-10.WH.2b, 9-10.WH.6, 9-10.WH.9. In this project we had to analyze series of events, determine whether earlier events caused other events later on , and described text. We had to use vocabulary describing political, social, or economic aspects of history/social studies. We used technology to produce, publish, and to revise individual or shared documents. While writing this essay we had to develop a topic, with relevant, sufficient facts, definitions, vivid details, quotations, or other information and examples appropriate to the audience, knowledge of the topic. Lastly we had to Draw evidence from the text that supports analysis, reflection, and research. This project was very interesting. I enjoyed this project because I had the chance to find out what is going on around the world. I never imagined the bad, horrible things that are happening in different countries that affect everyone and everything that is inside of it. Things that I would like to improve on in the future is writing. I have grown in writing this past year, but there is still room for growth. I will work harder in the years to come on writing, so I can become the best writer that I could possibly be.

2.2. Project

3. Interims

3.1. Here is an example of an interim that I did poorly on.

3.1.1. New node

3.2. Here is an example of an interim that shows I have grown over the year.

3.2.1. New node

3.3. Interim Reflection

3.3.1. For my Literature Language & World Culture class I only had two Interims that are above eighty percent. What I have noticed about my interims is that throughout the year I have grown. I have went from “bombing” my tests(0% to 14.2%) to scoring a 75% and higher. Five out of seven interims are seventy-five percent or lower. Looking at my NWEA test scores my number one weakness is Inform Text. Looking at this I noticed that all of my interims were where I had informative texts that I had to read and answer questions about that text. To fix this I am going to try to read more informative texts, to comprehend and understand them. For my Algebra 2 class my interims were back and forth. Either I had a perfect score or I had a low score. Like a hit or a miss. I noticed that the interims that I scored low on were the interims that I had a teacher that taught a style that was harder for me to comprehend.

4. Meteorology Project

4.1. Project Reflection

4.1.1. During this school year, I did a Meteorology project. This project was interesting. During this time my group and I had to research tornados and twisters. We were assigned a different topic about tornados. My topic was to research and talk about the damage, cost, deaths, and figure out the impact of everything that lived there. After my group and I did our research we had to get up in front of our class and explain to them what we learned. During this process, I had to make eye contact with my audience, stand up straight, speak loud so everyone could hear me, and I had to know what I was talking about. If I had the chance to do this project over I would do one thing. If I had the chance to do this project over I wouldn't. I wouldn't because I felt like I did my absolute best and that I followed the directions. I also felt like I did more than I was required to do. Standards that applied to this project: ES.1.11, ES.1.14, ES.1.15, ES.1.16. During this project we had to examine the structure, composition, and function of Earth’s atmosphere, include the role of living organisms in the cycling of atmospheric gases. We had to understand the role of differential, Understand and describe the origin, life cycle, behavior, and prediction of weather systems. Lastly we had to investigate the causes of severe weather and propose appropriate safety measures that can be taken in the event of severe weather.

4.2. Project


6. Taking Notes

6.1. In my math class we are going to be taking finals soon. For our final we have to take a test on everything that we have learned over the year. To study or get ready for this final we had to take notes. The teachers stood at the front of the class and went over examples and I copied them down. During this project I used standard 4. This standard states that we have to use variety of strategies to develop topics and display knowledge of how to use a piece of work to help you.

6.2. New node

7. History`s Most Wanted

7.1. Project Reflection

7.1.1. Standards that fit this project: 10.2 . 4, 10.2.5, 10 . 3.3, 10.3 . 7. Evaluate an author's argument or defense of a claim by examining the relationship and evidence. We had to find the author's intent affects the structure and tone of the text. During this project we had to make reasonable statements draw conclusions, and support them with accurate examples. We also had to evaluate interactions between characters in a text and explain how those interactions affect the plot. The project History`s most wanted, my job was to make a mini book that had the same concept of the story The Odyssey. We had to create a mini book that had a main character. This character had to set sail on a voyage and come across an obstacle. The character had to find his/her way home. This book was not one of my favorite projects, but I did a pretty good job on it. If I could do anything different I would get my work done on time, so I didn't have to rush to get it done, and I would think of a different, more interesting plot.

7.2. Project

7.2.1. New node

8. The Language of Mathematics: Everyday Math

8.1. Project Reflection

8.1.1. At the beginning of this school year, in my algebra 2 class, we were assigned to make a powerpoint that had information about vocabulary. I learned what each math term meant, when I will use them later on in the year, and how they are used. How did I do this? I went into this project called Google Doc, and I made a powerpoint. In this powerpoint I had to type words and their definitions. After we did this we had to write the examples and had to learn what these meant. Since our school is New Tech we had to present this project to our fellow classmates. I wouldn't have done anything to change this project. I got a good grade and followed directions. Standards: A1.a, A1.b, A1.c, A1.f, F1.e. We had to set up, find the greatest common factors, the lowest common multiple, solve problems, and follows order of operations with rational numbers. We had to know the additive and multiplicative inverses, add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers, and simplify radical expressions

8.2. Project

9. Remember the Titans Reflection

9.1. Project Reflection

9.1.1. Standards incorporated: 9.2.1, 9.5.5. During this project we had to apply strategies that we have already learned, apply rules accurately and have fair rules. During my P.E. class I had to watch a movie, Remember The Titans. While watching this movie we had to find a challenge that a player or the whole team had faced. When we found the challenge, we later had to go and write aaper about it. While writing this paper we had to include: what our challenge was, who was involved, when it occurred, did he/she overcome that challenge and he did he/she. Then I had to write about a challenge that I faced and how I overcame it. If I had the chance to do this project over,I would not. I would not do this project over because i felt that i did my absolute best. I answered the questions that i was assigned to answered and I answered them the best that I could.

9.2. Project

10. Content

10.1. Bad content

10.1.1. New node

10.2. Good content

10.2.1. New node

10.3. Reflection

10.3.1. Last year Calumet High School became New Tech. New Tech is where everything is technology. We no longer had books, everything is digital. Since we have become New Tech our grading system is different from our other one before. We have different sections called SWLO`s. One of our SWLO`s is content. During my first year of Highschool, I have not done as good in my content area as I could possible do. My worst percent that I had was my consumer economics class. I got a sixty-eight percent in that class. The honest reason why I do not have a good grade in that class is because I have two teachers that have not wrapped their heads around the New Tech concept. I have had the same grade in that class for the whole year. It has not changed at all. The reason why my grade has not changed is because when we do our major presentations we are not given SWLO points except for content. If you get graded on one SWLO your grade will not moved. When I look at all of my content scores together, I am not completely satisfied because I know that I can do better. I think that the overall reason that my content grades are what they are is because I throughout the year I have not been completely focused. During this year I could've stayed on task all of the time, and got my work done when I was assigned to.

11. Star Reading

11.1. Reflection

11.1.1. Sadly my test scores shows that my reading ability is not where it is supposed to be. My Star Reading Diagnostic Report shows that I am at a seventh grade reading level. The reason why I am at a seventh grade reading level is because I do not like to read. I am more of a math and science kind of person. Not like science and math, reading does not interest me. Some things that I could do better to improve my reading scores is, maintain a minimum of sixty minutes of guided independent reading practice daily, learn and employ study skill strategies to access and organize reading materials, acquire a working vocabulary of literary terms, and practice evaluating and making judgments about text.

12. Commercial

12.1. Project Reflextion

12.1.1. In the project Renaissance Entrepreneurs I had so much fun creating a video. During this project my group mates and I had to create a Renaissance and a modern building using Google Sketchup. So for our “business” we had to come up with different ways of advertisement. One way of advertisement that I used was a commercial. In this commercial we had to catch the viewer's eye, entertain them, and convince them to come to our store. This assignment was fun to me because I had the chance to do what ever I wanted to do, I was able to work with my brother, and it wasn't a serious part of my project. In this project we used standard 8. This standard states that clarify the purpose and audience for writing and speaking, choose an appropriate format, and use a computer to design and publish documents that are clearly worded and organized.

12.2. Video