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Smartbooks by Mind Map: Smartbooks

1. Different Tiers

1.1. SmartBook Subscription Series

1.2. SmartBook Plus

1.3. SmartBook Premium

2. How do we price this?

2.1. $495 per year?

3. How do we support this?

3.1. Updates from Ym when then change something

3.2. 4-6 month review on the documents

3.2.1. How do we schedule this?

4. SmartBook Template

4.1. Header

4.1.1. Header with Title

4.1.2. Header with Starkweather Association Services SmartBook Series

4.2. Table of Contents

4.3. Body with MS-Word Headings (H1,H2,H3)

4.4. Calibri Font

4.5. End message/Call to Action...more help or services, etc. Contact us! Do we want to send them to a form?

4.5.1. 1.5 Min Survey Were you happy with the SmartBook? (Yes/No) What could we improve? (Text) Would you recommend SAS to others?(Yes/No)

4.6. Footer

4.6.1. Review date at the bottom or in the Footer

4.6.2. Copyright in the Footer

5. Sales Channel

5.1. YM promotes the service on the bottom of the support pages

5.1.1. We will need to provide a monthly report to YM

5.2. YM checkout at subscription time

5.3. Current and past YM clients and leads

5.4. How do people find us?

5.4.1. YM link

5.4.2. Google search

6. What does the customer get?

6.1. Access to the Smartbook group library

6.2. Monthly updates on new Smartbooks

6.3. Ability to request custom Smartbooks?

7. How do we protect them?

7.1. PDFs with print options but no copying or editing

7.2. Do we need protective language?

7.2.1. Copyright language

8. What is the user experience?

8.1. Registration and buying

8.1.1. When the customer registers as a Smartbook member they will automatically be put into the Smartbook group

8.1.2. The customer fills in the registration form with the acknowledgements

8.1.3. Customer pays through Bluepay

8.2. Accessing smart books

8.2.1. When the customer logs in they will be redireted to the Smartbook group or library

8.2.2. Customers can search the site for smartbook topics. The link to the search will be on the group page.

8.3. Contacting us for new services

8.3.1. Links at the tops and bottoms of each page.

8.3.2. Value proposition at the end to increase member value, revenje, brand communities

8.4. Providing us feedback for up dates

8.4.1. They can post requests for new smartbooks in the "New Smartbook Request" forum

8.5. What happens when their subscription runs out?

8.5.1. They can't login anymore

8.5.2. The get a reminder 30 days out to renew

8.6. They want to buy...

8.6.1. 1. Click the link at YM 2. Landing page 3. Click the link for the specific SmartBook member type registration

9. How do we sell this?

9.1. Sell with a recurring credit card payment

9.2. $1,500 for customized Smartbooks

9.3. Online with an annual membership for $499

10. What should they contain?

10.1. SAS Logo & contact information

10.2. Copyright statements

10.3. Step by step instructions

10.4. Screenshots of the applications in use

10.5. Referral statement at the bottom of the document with contact information

11. How do we market or products and services with this?

11.1. Include a marketing statement on the boottomof the document

11.2. Market to the member list

11.2.1. Weekly or daily tweets Tech topics Articles New Smartbook releases Business Appropriate Musings

11.2.2. Monthly new Smartbook and update emails

12. Questions: 4/23/2014

12.1. How do people get to the Smartbooks?