Personal Mission, Vision and Values

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Personal Mission, Vision and Values by Mind Map: Personal Mission, Vision and Values

1. Excelsior Orthopaedics

1.1. Mission: Deliver outstanding Care

1.2. Vision: pushing the limits of excellence

1.3. Values: Be accountable, Use respectful candor

2. Vision : to provide new types of orthopaedic care

3. New node

4. Mission: to expand knowledge and skills while providing new research initiatives to patients

5. Values: Accountability, Education, Fairness

6. Limitations

6.1. NCHL competencies

6.1.1. Change Leadership

6.1.2. IT management

6.1.3. Community Orientation

6.1.4. Organizational Awareness

7. Strengths

7.1. NCHL Competencies

7.1.1. Team Leadership

7.1.2. Project Management

7.2. Work Experience

7.2.1. Human Resources Management

7.2.2. Financial Skills

8. Timeline

8.1. Continually educate and learn from experiences

8.2. Continue to expand upon NCHL competencies to mastery level