Computer Hardware Components

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Computer Hardware Components by Mind Map: Computer Hardware Components

1. Input Devices

1.1. Computer peripheral that you use to enter data into a computer

1.1.1. Examples Mouse/Pointer An essential device to navigate through the computer and input data. Can be challenging for those with special needs, but various forms of the pointer can be used to meet their needs. Keyboard Device used to enter data, but also includes additional keys for commands and cursor keys to move pointer. Can be challenging for this with special needs (mobile skills). Camera Device used to capture still or video images. Images or videos can then be uploaded to upload to social networks, emails, softwares or programs for the classroom setting.

2. Output Devices

2.1. Pieces of hardware that move data that has been processed out of the computer

2.1.1. Examples Monitor Device displays information on the screen.There are different levels of display so that it meets the needs of those hard of seeing. Printer Device used to print up information directly from the computer to paper. Speakers Device allows for audio capabilities.Excellent for those who are hard of hearing

3. Additional Info

3.1. Reference

3.1.1. Lever-Duffy, J. & MacDonald, J. (2011). Teaching and Learning with Technology, 4th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions. Boston, MA.

3.2. All examples for input and output devices have wireless capabilities