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Package:Android.hardware by Mind Map: Package:Android.hardware
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An interface used for receiving notifications from the SensorManager when sensor values have changed. An application implements this interface to monitor one or more sensors available in the hardware.  




Class representing a sensor. Use getSensorList(int) to get the list of available Sensors.(Available in SensorManager class) Sensor type  Accelerometer, gravity, gyroscope, pressure, light, magnetic field, proximity, temperature, etc. We can access the Sensor via the sensorManager.getDefaultSensor() method, which take as parameters the sensor type.


This class represents a sensor event and holds information such as the sensor type (e.g., accelerometer, orientation, etc.), the time-stamp, accuracy and of course the sensor's data.


A class that permits access to the sensors available within the Android platform.


A class that enables your application to interact with the camera to snap a photo, acquire images for a preview screen, and modify parameters used to govern how the camera operates.


This class is used to estimated estimate magnetic field at a given point on Earth, and in particular, to compute the magnetic declination from true north.