How Did Hitler Consolidate his Power?

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How Did Hitler Consolidate his Power? by Mind Map: How Did Hitler Consolidate his Power?

1. SA vs the Army

1.1. The German Army were very distrustful of Hitler. Their main concern with him was his paramilitary organizations, the SA and the SS.

1.1.1. New node

1.2. Ernst Roehm was the leader of the SA, and had ambitions to replace the traditional German Army with his National Socialist SA in a 'second revolution,'

1.2.1. Bowing to pressure from the Army, Hitler killed Roehm he greatly increased the German Army and instituted massive rearmament. Both of these moves went a long way to gaining support from the military.

2. Hitler becomes President

2.1. Van Papen made Hitler chancellor

2.1.1. Hindenburg died Hitler used emergency powers to become president

3. Reichstag Fire

3.1. Reichstag Fire Decree

3.1.1. Gave Hitler emergency power

3.2. Communists blamed

3.2.1. Communist parties banned

4. Enabling Act (article 48)

4.1. Hitler didn't need permission from Reichstag to make laws

5. Weimar Republic collapsed

5.1. People were desperate

5.1.1. Radical parties gained more populatrity

6. By Aran Bacall