Research Paper

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Research Paper by Mind Map: Research Paper

1. [email protected]

2. Administration

2.1. first draft due 5/31 FInal RP due. Final Draft 6/8

3. New node

4. 1. Topic - Reality TV

4.1. What will you enjoy writing about? Reality TV

4.2. Why will someone who reads this be interested? Reality TV abundant, they will be interested in seeing how if effects participants

4.3. What's your goal for this paper? To convince the reader that appearing on reality tv is not worth the risk. The bad outweighs the good

4.3.1. Inspire someone about your topic?

4.3.2. Specific grade?

4.3.3. Do your best work?

5. 5. Proofread does it flow, do I effectively argue my point

5.1. Cover Page - create a title that refines the topic do not be too general

5.2. Table of Contents

5.3. Works cited - MLA format SITE ALL SOURCES, Use a how to write a research book as a reference

6. 2. Research

6.1. Compile some ideas Deliver a strong message, provide reasons why the risks are not worth the benefit; offer an explanation to counter if the reader is thinking what did the participant expect; present that not many achieve fame or fortune' outline how if impacts relationships, causes depression and can even lead to suicide

6.2. Supporting sources The Web, print material, try to find psychologist who can support the risks

6.2.1. Find examples

6.2.2. References MLA format, cite sources, avoid accidental plagiarism Books News sources Blogs Supporting Data Expert reports Third party research Survey data Size of topic

7. 3. Structure

7.1. argue the risks do not outweigh the benefits of appearing on reality TV

7.2. Create list of facts suicides, depression, divorce, financial troubles

7.3. Organize facts into categories - create an outline and stick to it!!

7.4. Paragraphs order should follow outline

7.4.1. Introduction - why are you writing about this?

7.4.2. introduce my argument to Anthony

7.4.3. tell him why it is a bad idea

7.4.4. identify what he stands to lose and why there is no real gain

7.4.5. Conclusion - what summarizes what is most interesting about your topic?

8. 4. Write and Edit take notes, jot down ideas, write one paragraph at a time

8.1. Don't be afraid to edit. Simple, memorable information is hard and requires filtering.

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