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Case Study by Mind Map: Case Study

1. small sample

2. useful

2.1. to learn why things are they way they are

2.2. when you need a in-depth understading of a phenomenon

2.3. test theory.

2.4. generate theory or hypotheses

3. Approches

3.1. qualitative

3.2. quantitative

4. multiple case

4.1. advantages

4.1.1. insight of the distiction of the differents cases

4.1.2. confidence on your findings. you can confirm similarities

4.1.3. improve ability to develop theoretical ideas. test theory in the next case.

4.2. disadvantages

4.2.1. its likely you will loose attention to single case

4.2.2. your approach might be bias in order to compare the case, and you loose dept

5. other types

5.1. holistic embeded

5.1.1. 2 department of a single organisation ei.

5.2. holistic

5.2.1. single case

5.3. multiple case study

5.4. multiple with embeded

6. Unit of study

6.1. location or community or organisation

7. Indept

8. is method?

8.1. no, because doesn't produces data by itself. it's a context where to use some methods.

9. bad when

10. quality

10.1. depends of the limit of the generalizations

11. types

11.1. Critical. Test well formulated theory

11.2. Unique. Rare and unusual

11.3. Revelatory. When you gain access to case

11.4. Typical. because exemplifies certain interesting things

11.5. Longitudinal. When you study how things change over time

11.6. Combination.

12. test

12.1. test 1

12.2. h