Ethnographic Field Work

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Ethnographic Field Work by Mind Map: Ethnographic Field Work

1. Participant Observation

1.1. Analyzing how the family reacts to the death of Zanca

1.2. Meaning of Laughter in Poverty

2. Analyzing Oral Tradition

2.1. Role of Women in oral tradition

3. Interpretive Method

3.1. Role of laughter

3.1.1. What does Laughter symbolize? Why is laughter used in sad situations?

4. Examined Regional Differences

4.1. Affluent city versus Favela

4.1.1. Poverty in Brazil and Rio Rio's economy has declined Feminized work force

5. Interviews

5.1. Through interviews, a friendship developed with Gloria

5.1.1. Informant relationship developed New node

6. Earning a Living Wage

6.1. Dona Beth offered Gloria 5 minimum wages per month for a 6 day weekend. Gloria accepted.

6.1.1. 14 hour work weeks. Cleaning kitchen, bathroom, rooms, cooking.

7. Faxineira

8. Lower Wage: Woman often clean homes

8.1. Middle Wage: a domestic worker is a necessity

8.1.1. Class Privilege:

8.1.2. Povo: masses

8.1.3. Euphemization of Power Relation: Poor neighborhoods-Favelas were pushed to the side of the hills.

9. Cultural Capital and reproduction of class

9.1. New node