Life On The Goldfields

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Life On The Goldfields by Mind Map: Life On The Goldfields

1. Clothes

1.1. Men

1.1.1. Men tended to wear longer sleeved shirts if they were out in the sun Sometimes they would take their shirts off if the heat was unbearable It often did happen

1.1.2. Loose-fitting,comfortable clothes Long trousers Held up with a belt,rope or braces

1.1.3. White shirts

1.1.4. Straw hats

1.1.5. Gloves

1.1.6. Underpants

1.1.7. Rain protection

1.1.8. Shoes Some wore boots But most of them couldn't afford boots or shoes.

1.2. Clothing depended on their ethnic group standard

1.2.1. Clothing for European men was judt loose-fitting trousers and a shirt with strong boots

1.2.2. Chinese wore the clothing of their culture Baggy pants Large coolie hats

1.3. Women

1.3.1. Long skirts Covered their ankles

1.3.2. Long sleeved shirts Up to their wrists

1.3.3. Boots Lace-up or button-up

1.3.4. Bodices Lace-up or button-up

2. Food

2.1. damper

2.1.1. Made from flour,salt and water

2.1.2. cooked over campfire

2.1.3. simple bread

2.2. Mutton

2.2.1. With potatoes and onions

2.2.2. Maybe some cabbage and carrots if lucky.

2.3. Rabbit stew

2.4. Beef jerky

2.5. Kangaroo or wallaby

2.5.1. "Roo tail Stew"

2.5.2. Very popular

2.6. Billy tea

2.7. Other fruits and vegetables

2.7.1. Rare on the goldfields

3. Sickness

3.1. Difficult to stay healthy

3.2. Weakness of sight

3.2.1. Main illness

3.2.2. From the hot winds and sandy soil

3.3. Diarrhoea

3.3.1. Frequent occurrence

3.3.2. Mainly in Spring and the commencement of the Autumn.

3.3.3. Seldom fatal

3.4. Sore eyes

3.4.1. Flies and maggots got into eyes

3.5. Dysentery

3.5.1. Main illness Often caused by food Badly cooked Bad water Want of Vegetables

3.6. Medicine

3.6.1. Dr Eadie's sarsaparilla pills and ointment were very popular Could cure many diseases Sore Eyes Ulcers Cancer Tumour Piles Ringworms

3.6.2. Recommended by 'Word of mouth'

4. Housing

4.1. Tents or huts

4.1.1. Covered by bark roofs

4.2. Change of housing

4.2.1. There were stone buildings and bark huts

4.3. Mattresses were stuffed with leaves

4.4. Miners sat on logs

4.5. The chinses also slept in tents

4.5.1. Didn't sleep near the other cultures

4.5.2. They had their own little area Surrounded by fences

4.6. Aboriginals in the goldfields slept in tents.

4.6.1. In a different area Close to the Chinese.

4.6.2. Treated just like the Chinses

5. Entertainment

5.1. Story telling

5.1.1. A ritual gathering around campfires.

5.1.2. With tea and a pipe

5.2. Music

5.2.1. Came from a multitude of travelling bands of local musicians

5.3. Ball or Concert

5.3.1. An excuse to relax,dress up in finery and show off some lucky diggers new found wealth

5.4. Reading

5.4.1. Most diggers brought a book with them Milton was a popular poet at that time. A Bible or a volume of Shakespeare or poems from famous poets.

5.5. Sports

5.5.1. Hunting Opossums and kangaroos were popular for hunting

5.5.2. Cricket Very popular

5.5.3. Horse riding

5.5.4. Boxing matches

5.6. Gambling

5.6.1. Chinese brought a new way to gamble Ma Jong

6. Tools

6.1. Shovel

6.1.1. Used to dig dirt out of the way when mining for gold.

6.2. Saw

6.3. Pick

6.4. Rope

6.5. Axe

6.6. Wheelbarrow

6.7. Knife

6.8. Scales

6.8.1. To weigh how much gold earned

6.9. Pans

6.9.1. Easy to use and light

6.10. Bucket

6.10.1. To put water or gold