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Grammar by Mind Map: Grammar

1. The prayer

1.1. set of words which makes complete sense and syntactic autonomy

2. History of Spanish grammar

2.1. Structural grammar

2.1.1. explain the structure and system operation

2.2. Normative grammar

2.2.1. theoretical and philosophical aspects

3. The grammar is divided into several topics

3.1. Phonology.

3.2. morphology

3.3. syntax

3.4. word formation

4. Subject and predicate

4.1. Subject

4.1.1. is the element that supports the statement made by the predicate

4.2. Predicate

4.2.1. This is what is said about the subject

5. Verb

5.1. is the part of speech that expresses the action to take

6. adjective

6.1. is a part of the prayer that accompanies the noun or name to qualify

7. Sustantive

7.1. are words whose referents are classes of fixed entities