Area of Study 4 Indian Raga

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Area of Study 4 Indian Raga by Mind Map: Area of Study 4 Indian Raga

1. Elements of Indian Music

1.1. Raga

1.1.1. An Indian scale. Are over 200 different ones. Used for different festivals, times of day etc. Is the name given to the main melody. Can have different notes ascending or descending.

1.2. Tala

1.2.1. Indian rhythm pattern. Most common is 16 beats long.

1.3. Drone

1.3.1. Repeated background part. Plays throughout the music. Uses Tonic, Dominant, Tonic. Played on Tambura

2. Indian Instruments

2.1. Sitar

2.1.1. String instrument that has 21 strings. Has sympathetic resonating strings.

2.2. Sarod

2.2.1. String instrument played like a guitar. Has broad metal fingerboard & no frets

2.3. Sarangi

2.3.1. String instrument played with a bow. Continuous legato sound

2.4. Tambura

2.4.1. Like Sitar but plays drone. Only 4 strings

2.5. Harmonium

2.5.1. Pumped keyboard instrument. Soubds like an accordion

2.6. Tabla

2.6.1. Pair of drums. The smaller one wooden & larger one metal. Both have black dot in centre.

3. Indian Structure

3.1. Alap

3.1.1. Opening section. No sense of metre, soloist accompanied by tambura drone. Raga explored

3.2. Jhor

3.2.1. Steady medium tempo with more rhythmic improvistion

3.3. Jhala

3.3.1. Fast tempo with exciting rhythms. Tabla joins in with virtuosic playing from sitar

3.4. Gat

3.4.1. This is the only written part of an Indian piece