LSS_2012 Motivation - session design

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LSS_2012 Motivation - session design by Mind Map: LSS_2012 Motivation - session design

1. Motivation

1.1. Target

1.1.1. Self

1.1.2. Others

1.2. Source

1.2.1. Intrinsic

1.2.2. Extrinsic Rewards

2. Theoretical approach

2.1. Hierarchy of needs

2.1.1. Maslow Wiki

2.2. Motivational theory of lifespan development

2.2.1. Heckhausen

2.3. Self Efficacy

2.3.1. Bandura

2.3.2. Wiki

2.4. Rewards

2.4.1. Deci et al. In context of education

2.5. Generation Y

2.5.1. Generational theory: do all people get motivated by same things or are there generational differences?

2.6. Personality types

2.6.1. Extroverts

2.6.2. introverts

3. Questions

3.1. How do you motivate yourself?

3.1.1. In what kind of situations have you struggled with your motivation? What made you struggle?

3.1.2. In what kind of situations have you been really motivated What helped you?

3.2. How do you motivate others?

3.2.1. In what kind of situations have you struggled to motivate others? What made you struggle?

3.2.2. In what kind of situations have you been successfull in motivating others What made it a success?

3.3. Follow up questions

3.3.1. Where there any rewards involved? For yourself? For others? Effects Positive effects of rewards Negative effects of rewards

3.3.2. Did you notice differences in interaction with people from different generations w regards to motivation?

3.3.3. Are there particular people you have had more/less success motivating extroverts introverts

3.4. Emotional level

3.4.1. What do you feel, when you say you feel motivated?

3.4.2. What do you feel, when you feel your motivation is decreasing? In which concrete situations does this occur?

4. Cool links