British Surrender

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British Surrender by Mind Map: British Surrender

1. How?

1.1. British consolidated all situations

1.2. Though some of the other ranks in the army wanted to push on, Percival felt that they had to surrender

1.2.1. Because there wasn't enough supplies

1.2.2. They thought that they would be outnumbered In actual standings they weren't

2. When?

2.1. 15 February 1942

3. Why?

3.1. Largely how the swiftness of the surprise attack was carried out

3.1.1. By the Japanese

3.2. Lacked of resources to depend on

3.2.1. Far East to Japanese

3.2.2. A reason for the attack of the Japanese was because they were hunting for raw materials to use for the other wars they had to fight.

3.3. Conflicts between the

3.3.1. British

3.3.2. Commonwealth

4. During it, there was storage of?

4.1. Water

4.1.1. Johore cut off all water supplies to Singapore

4.2. Ammunition

4.3. Food

5. Surrendered after a week from the Shock and Awe tactic the Japanese had used