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VJ-U by Mind Map: VJ-U

1. to do

1.1. classes/lessons

2. Curriculum (in dev)

2.1. Important areas

2.1.1. Skill sets Critical Thinking and cognitive abstraction and narrative why/art/make connections representation and politics systems thinking/analysis expressing with technology Technical Literacy optics/light hardware set up interfaces software plug'n play how computers work programming media production/development image/sound mapping VJ techniques/styles displays Gaming technologies Media/Digital_networked creativity mashup/resampling/appropriation search skills public domain/copy rights/CC databases/feeds navigation internet distribution telematics Multiuser environments Social skills finding collaborators collaborative/networked/community networking Documentation improvisation play connection to global community of VJs supporting colleagues constructive criticism navigating/avoiding hierarchies Performance format pacing dynamics

2.1.2. Context and background Historical Context cinema experimental video and cinema image/sound relationship algorithmic imaging MTV The growth boom of VJing in clubs Hip Hop Jazz concerts Video Performance collectives (Share alike) underground Proto-cinematic lightshows Dioramas and panoramas Contemporary context Installations dance and theater The Art World interactivity automation networked performance games "Corporate" shows Popular music concerts Advertising Street art/action

2.1.3. Theory Visual design and composition/gestalt music structure and elements embodiment computation performance

2.2. methodology

2.2.1. collaboration work in small groups/teams of 4

2.2.2. participation in-class performances students always set up equipment discussions/

2.2.3. collective material: everything is shared

2.2.4. Collaborative documentation

2.2.5. in-class critiques

2.2.6. guest speakers Missy Galore vade Forward Motion Theater Chris Burke

2.2.7. show videos for each lesson know why you're showing them is it just because you love it?

2.2.8. project-oriented project markers Setting Up Preparing Media Mixing Video Adding Effects Preparing Projections Scouting the Venue geometries/time_non human Hypernarrative shared media database make favorites in the same acct on YouTube

2.2.9. partnerships with institutions/site visits Eyebeam use GRL's projector bike G.R.L. crit sessions

2.2.10. trips concerts

3. Know-how

3.1. VJing

3.2. Visual performance

3.3. Maxmspjitter (video design)

3.4. Podcast/Vlogging

3.5. Video 2.0

3.6. Second Life

3.7. Interactive Interfaces

4. Teaching and consulting

4.1. Mobile classroom

4.1.1. the VJ-U setup we can bring into a school or center

4.2. Teaching Venues

4.2.1. University

4.2.2. High Schools UAMA Fall 2007 Curriculum semester info Class Environment Pedagogy

4.2.3. Harvestworks classes Video Mashup Video Circuit Bending VJ-U 101 : intro to VJ need more youth classes

5. Internet presence

5.1. website/blog

5.2. VJ-U netcast Operator11/On VJing/Tuesdays

5.3. VJ-U Netcast on Performance and technology/dance_theater

6. non-for profit status (potential)

6.1. sponsorship

6.2. grants

7. Institutional collaborations

7.1. Eyebeam

7.2. BRAC

7.3. Hispanic arts

7.4. Harvestworks

7.5. STEIM

7.6. LIU

8. Performance/individual and collective