Learning the Art of Online Facilitation

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Learning the Art of Online Facilitation by Mind Map: Learning the Art of Online Facilitation

1. OnFac the last 10: Our experiences

1.1. Growth of tools we use

1.2. Learned by doing

1.3. Roots in DARPA and usenet

1.4. Diverse types of groups

1.5. informed by the "online community" and usenet models

2. what is online facilitation?

2.1. Basics of group facilitation

2.2. Specific needs of online

2.3. Must attend to issues of control manifest via tools

3. OnFac now: map the landscape

3.1. Key Domains Using

3.1.1. Education

3.1.2. Virtual teams

3.1.3. Communities CoPs Social communities Product communties Communities of interest

3.1.4. E-Democracy/policy

3.2. Has some legitimacy

3.2.1. People are teaching onfac Courses and workshops

3.3. People in some cases are paid for the role

3.4. Different Perceptions

3.4.1. As "moderator" or manager Enforce owner site policies Adhere to relevant laws Remove content, people who violate terms of service

3.4.2. As facilitator Attend to group process Focus on outomes and process

4. OnFac - the next 10

4.1. New practices for network-like environments

4.2. Self-facilitation skills

4.3. Part of basic online communication literacy

4.4. As offline group processes move online, new sub areas of onfac will emerge