Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS)

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Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) by Mind Map: Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS)


1.1. SAP

1.1.1. Quality Planning Inspection Planning / Inspection Plans Manage Inspection Plans QM in Procurement First Article Inspection for Production Part Approval Collaborative Production Part Approval Process Planning of Quality Certificates

1.1.2. Quality Inspection Control Charts Manage Control Charts Maintaining Master Inspection Characteristics for Control Charts Inspection Completion Manage Usage Decisions Making a Usage Decision Automate Usage Decision Inspection Lot Creation in Logistical Processes Inspections for Goods Movements Inspection for a Delivery Recurring Inspections of Batches Managing Serial Numbers in QM Creating an Inspection Lot Manually Process Inspection Lots for Production Versions Inspection Lot Creation in Procurement 1FM-Review Purchased material notification 1FM-Review quality info record 1FM-Review inspection plan and sampling scheme 1FM-Release goods for receipt 1FM-Display open inspection lots 1FM-Record inspection results 1FM-Make usage decision 1FM-Review and analyze defects 2F9-Create quality notification with basic data Manage Inspection Lots Display Inspection Lot Display Inspection Operation Change Inspection Lot Calculation of the Sample Size Resetting Sample Determination Corrections to Inspection Lot Quantities Sample-Drawing Instruction Quality Inspection for Goods Receipt from Production 1E1-Review Produced item 1E1-Display inspection plan 1E1-Display inspection lot 1E1-Record inspection results 1E1-Make usage decision 1E1-Review and analyze defects Quality Inspection Within the Production Process 1E1-Review production order / plan 1E1-Display routing including quality operation 1E1-Display inspection lot 1E1-Update and Analyze control charts 1E1-Record inspection results 1E1-Review and analyze defects 1E1-Confirm the quality operation of the production order 1E1-Make usage decision Quality Certificates Manage Certificate Receipts Quality Certificates for Inspection Lots Quality Certificates for Batches Quality Levels Identification Manage Quality Levels Deletion of Quality Levels Results Recording Record Inspection Results Record Results for Inspection Points Valuation Modes for Sampling Procedures Worklist Define types of Variants for Worklists

1.1.3. Quality Improvement Non-conformance Management Defects Recording Problem Solving Quality Tasks Internal Nonconformities (NCRs) Manage Complaints against Supplier 2F9-Capture defects and document immediate actions 2F9-Create quality notification with basic data 2F9-Define quality tasks 2F9-Execute tasks and document outcome 2F9-Review tasks 2F9-Document supplier root cause analysis 2F9-Complete notification Manage Customer Complaint 2FA-Create quality notification with basic data 2FA-Capture defects, define root cause analysis, and document immediate actions 2FA-Define corrective actions and correction tasks 2FA-Execute root cause analysis, corrective actions, correction tasks, and document outcome 2FA-Review outcome against desired requirement and define correction tasks 2FA-Define preventive actions 2FA-Execute preventive actions and document outcome 2FA-Monitor preventive actions outcome 2FA-Complete quality notification Quality Notifications Management Maintaining notification elements: Header, Items, Tasks, Activities Selecting and Evaluating Quality Notifications

1.1.4. Data Archiving in QM Archiving Master Data Archiving Inspection Plans Archiving Inspection Lots Archiving Quality Info Records in Procurement Archiving Quality Notifications (QM-QN) Archiving Quality Certificates Archiving Quality Tasks Business Partner End of Purpose (EoP) Check for Inspection Lots Business Partner End of Purpose (EoP) Check for Quality Notifications Business Partner End of Purpose (EoP) Check for Quality Tasks Business Partner End of Purpose (EoP) Check for Problem-Solving Processes

1.2. APQC

1.2.1. Manage enterprise quality Determine quality requirements Define critical-to-quality characteristics Define preventive quality activities Develop quality controls Finalize quality plan Prove internal capability Evaluate performance to requirements Tests against the quality plan Assess the results of these tests Manage non-conformance Assess potential impact Determine immediate action(s) Identify root cause(s) Take corrective or preventative action Close non-conformance Implement and maintain the enterprise quality management system (EQMS) Define the quality strategy Plan and deploy the EQMS scope, targets, and goals Identify core EQMS processes, controls, and metrics Develop and document EQMS policies, procedures, standards, and measures Assess the EQMS performance Create environment and capability for EQMS improvement(s)

1.2.2. Develop, Manage, and Deliver Analytics Collect quality data Analyze quality data Review and purplish quality performance Identify remedial actions


2.1. Quality Manager

2.1.1. Inspection Lot Analytics

2.1.2. Inspection Lot Detailed Analytics

2.2. Quality Planner

2.2.1. Review Quality Info Record for Procurement

2.2.2. Review Sampling Procedure

2.2.3. Manage Inspection Plans

2.3. Quality Engineer

2.3.1. Characteristic Analytics

2.3.2. Characteristic Detailed Analytics

2.3.3. Manage Control Charts

2.3.4. Manage Defects

2.3.5. Manage Quality Info Records

2.3.6. Manage Quality Levels

2.3.7. Manage Quality Tasks

2.3.8. Manage Usage Decisions

2.3.9. Non conformance Analytics

2.3.10. Quality Overview

2.3.11. Quality Level History

2.3.12. Resolve Internal Problems

2.4. Quality Engineer (Extended Production Operations)

2.4.1. Product Genealogy

2.4.2. Production Action Log

2.5. Quality Technician

2.5.1. Review Master Inspection Characteristic

2.5.2. Review Sample

2.5.3. Review Inspection Lot

2.5.4. Review Inspection Method

2.5.5. Review Inspection Operation

2.5.6. Review Inspection Point

2.5.7. Manage Inspection Lots

2.5.8. Process Quality Tasks

2.5.9. Quality Overview

2.5.10. Record Defects

2.5.11. Record Inspection Results

2.5.12. Record Results for Inspection Points

2.5.13. Results History

3. KPIs

3.1. Number of QM notifications created

3.2. Automation Rate: QM notifications

3.3. LT: QM notif. Creation-->Completion

3.4. Number of open Tasks in QM notifications

3.5. Number of QM notifications open & overdue

3.6. Number of QM notifications pending

3.7. Number of Inspection Lots without inspection completion

3.8. Number of Inspection Lots with outstanding quantities

3.9. Number of Inspection Lots without Usage Decision