Benefits of Perilla frutescens

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Benefits of Perilla frutescens by Mind Map: Benefits of     Perilla frutescens

1. Perilla seeds

1.1. Perilla seeds are pressed to make perilla oil which tastes similar to sesame oil. Both oils are good for us but perilla oil is considered to be even better for our health

1.2. Sesame oil is more widely available in the shops

2. Ground perilla seeds

2.1. Make perilla powder

2.2. Can be put in soups to take away some of the saltiness in salty soups like soybean soup or ramen

3. The leaves,infloresences,fruits,seeds,and seedlings(sprouts)

3.1. Used as a flavouring or as a garnish in a number of foods, particularly in Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese cooking

3.2. Its customary addition to raw seafood is believed to prevent food poisoning

3.3. Perilla serves as a side dish with rice and as an important ingredient in noodles, baked fish, fried foods, cakes and beverages

3.4. The purple-leaved forms, which contain large amounts of anthocyanins, are used for colouring pickled fruits and vegetables

4. Perilla is an herb

4.1. The leaf and seed are used to make medicine.

4.2. Used for treating asthma

4.3. Used for nausea, sunstroke, inducing sweating, and to reduce muscle spasms.