Social Media In Action

Social Media How-To Action Plan

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Social Media In Action by Mind Map: Social Media In Action

1. Stomp with the big dogs!

1.1. post a comment on a Facebook page

1.2. retweet

1.3. guest post on a popular blog

2. Social Media Etiquette

3. $ NISMS Extras

3.1. Consistency

3.2. Patience

3.3. Results

4. "Like" Us

5. Tricia Sanders, Social Media Mgr.

6. Grow Your Social Media by using Effective tools

6.1. Email Marketing

6.2. Directory Submission

6.3. Social Exchange Sites

6.3.1. Site Link

6.4. Good ole' fashion networking

6.4.1. Community Involvement

6.4.2. Use what you have in front of you; Cross Networking

6.4.3. Those Aggravating Facebook Event Invites!

7. Execution Time!

7.1. Real Time Campaigns

7.2. Social Analytics

7.3. Management Tool

7.3.1. How often & what times

7.4. Determine who will operate your social media channels

7.5. What type of content

7.6. What do you like to do?

8. Know Your Competition!

8.1. Average Company

8.2. Pretty Good Company

8.3. Superb Company

9. Know Who You Are!

9.1. How relevant are you to your community?

9.2. Who is your customer?

9.3. What are they saying about your industry/brand?

9.4. Where are they?

10. Design