Instant Content Curator Pro Training Webinar #1

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Instant Content Curator Pro Training Webinar #1 by Mind Map: Instant Content Curator Pro Training Webinar #1

1. Documentation

1.1. Getting Started Guide

1.2. Quick Start Guide

1.3. Training Videos

1.4. Full written manual still under construction.


3. the Software

3.1. 2. Posting with ICC Pro

3.1.1. Selecting News Items

3.1.2. Research Source Article

3.1.3. Images Source article Flickr Wiki Commons Google search Any image you can find

3.1.4. Videos YouTube Other Sources

3.1.5. Edit HTML source

3.1.6. EzineArticles API Key Categories & Articles Select Article EZine Rules Curate & Post.

3.1.7. WP Auto Add Tags

3.2. 3. Troubleshooting

3.2.1. Installation Issues Adobe Air Windows 7 UAC Mac Auto Update

3.2.2. Blog Connection Issues Wrong blog address or login Spaces before or after login or address do not put wp-admin or wp-login in the url do not use a trailing slash after the url Must be Wordpress blog Bad Behavior plugin XML-RPC must be enabled Categories must show on Curate page to post.

3.2.3. Resulting post garbled or shows code get LIB XML 2 FIX plugin

3.2.4. Return from server shows "strpos" and some code when posting get LIB XML 2 FIX plugin

3.2.5. Can't run the program because it's a zip file Download new installer ask Support to email installer

3.2.6. The post works ok, but my post is "Scheduled" not "Published" Server timing issue

3.3. 1. Setup & Configuration

3.3.1. Installation

3.3.2. Auto-Update

3.3.3. Registration Key

3.3.4. Google Alerts

3.3.5. Default Feed

3.3.6. Blog Login

4. Curation - What it is, What is Isn't

4.1. What it is NOT:

4.1.1. Stealing other people's content

4.1.2. Spinning other people's content

4.1.3. Quoting others and changing the content

4.1.4. Auto-posting

4.1.5. Auto posted, spun crap for "seo"

4.2. What it is!

4.2.1. Finding cool content that you dig

4.2.2. Expressing your own opinion about the content

4.2.3. Giving full credit and attribution to author or source

4.2.4. Giving an obvious link back to the source

4.2.5. Ever been to a Museum?

5. The Webinar

5.1. Not about web design.

5.2. not about how to curate

5.3. we will cover some aspects of curation

5.4. mainly about the software and how to use it

5.5. I will take as many questions as time permits

5.6. Please let me go through the presentation, then I will take questions.

5.7. Thank you for attending!