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SANtricity by Mind Map: SANtricity

1. Installation

1.1. Basic

1.2. Advanced

1.3. Custom

2. EMW (Enterprise Management Window)

2.1. Devices Tab (Add/Remove)

2.1.1. Host PC Right Click Menu

2.1.2. Discovered Storage Arrays Right Click Menu Add Storage Array Auto Discover Legacy Collect Support Data Auto Support Refresh

2.1.3. Individual SA's Right Click Menu (Tree & Table) Manage Storrage Array Locate Storage Array Execute sript Load Storage Array Config Upgrade CFW Refresh Remove Configure Alerts Legacy Collect Support Data Rename Comment Management Connections (table) details

2.2. Setup Tab

2.2.1. Add Storage Arrays

2.2.2. Name/Rename Storage Arrays

2.2.3. Configure Alerts

2.2.4. Manage a Storage Array

2.2.5. Upgrade Controller Firmware

2.2.6. Inherit System Settings

2.3. Toolbar

2.3.1. Auto Discover

2.3.2. Rescan

2.3.3. Add Storage Arrays

2.3.4. Remove Storage Arrays

2.3.5. Launch Management Window

2.4. Top Menu

2.4.1. Edit

2.4.2. View

2.4.3. Tools Automatic Discovery Rescan Hosts Refresh Manage Storage Array Locate Storage Array Execute Scripe Load Storage Array Configuration Upgrade Controller Firmware Firmware Inventory Legacy Collect Support Data Automatically Create/Edit Schedule Auto Support Activation & Status Configuration Schedule View Log Inherit System Settings

2.4.4. Help Contents About

3. Uninstall

3.1. Complete

3.2. Partial

4. AMW (Array Management Window)

4.1. Summary Tab

4.1.1. MonitorPortlet View Firmware Inventory View Storage Array Profile View Event Log Collect All Support Data

4.1.2. Capacity Portlet Create Storage Create Volume

4.1.3. Host Mappings Portlet Host-to-Volume Mappings

4.1.4. Premium Features Manage Premium Features

4.1.5. Information Center Portlet Online Help Storage Concepts Tutorial Planning Your Configuration Configuring Your Storage Array Essential Terms to Know

4.2. Storage & Copy Services Tab

4.3. Host Mappings Tab

4.4. Hardware Tab

4.5. Setup Tab

4.6. Toolbar

4.6.1. Create Volume

4.6.2. Event Log

4.6.3. Monitor Performance

4.6.4. Operations in Progress

4.6.5. Recovery Guru

4.6.6. Manage Tray Alarm

4.6.7. Copy Manager

4.7. Top Menu

4.7.1. Storage Array Premium Features Security Set Password Drive Security Change Cache Settings Failover Alert Delay Configuration Automatic Hot Spare Coverage Save Clear Rename Preferences Exit

4.7.2. Storage Disk Pool Create Locate View Associated Physical Components Secure Drives Add Drives (Capacity) Change Rename Delete Advanced Volume Group Create Locate View Associated Physical Components Secure Drives Add Drives (Capacity) Replace Drives Change Rename Delete Advanced Volume Create Increase Capacity Increase Repository Capacity SSD Cache Change Add to Consistency Group Remove from Consistency Group Convert Snapshot (Legacy) to Snapshot Group View Associated Physical Components Rename Delete Advanced SSD Cache Create Run Performance Modeling Locate View Associated Physical Components Add Drives (Capacity) Remove Drives (Capacity) Suspend Resume Change I/O Type Rename Delete

4.7.3. Copy Services Volume Copy Create Manage Copies Snapshot Group Create Create Snapshot Image Schedule Edit Snapshot Image Schedule Overall Repository Change Settings Rename Delete Properties Advanced Snapshot Image Create Create Snapshot Volume Rollback Delete Properties Snapshot Volume Create Create Volume Copy Disable Re-Create Convert to Read/Write SSD Cache Overall Repository Advanced Consistency Group Create Consistency Group Snapshot Image Add Member Volumes Remove Member Volumes Change Settings Rename Delete Advanced Consistency Group Snapshot Image Create Create Consistency Group Snapshot Volume Rollback Delete Properties Consistency Group Snapshot Volume Create Disable Re-Create SSD Cache Rename Delete Properties Consistency Group Snapshot Member Volume Remove from Consistency Group Overall Repository Properties Advanced Snapshot (Legacy) Volume Create Create Schedule Edit Schedule Create Volume Copy View Associated Logical Elements Disable Re-Create Convert to Snapshot Group Rollback Repository Rename Delete Mirroring Activate Deactivate View Mirroring Port Connections Asynchronous Mirroring Synchronous Mirroring

4.7.4. Host Mappings Define Host Group Host Storage Partition LUN Mapping Add Remove Change Manage Host Port Identifiers View Unassociated Host Port Identifiers Default Group Change Default Host Operating System Host Group Rename Remove Host Move Change Host Operating System Rename Remove Properties

4.7.5. Hardware Locate Storage Array Controller/Drive Tray Drive Stop All Indications Tray View/Edit Change Controller Synchronize Clocks Configure Change Advanced Drive Replace Erase Security Import Security Key Advanced Hot Spare Coverage Prepare for Removal

4.7.6. Monitor Health View Health (Recovery Guru) Monitor Performance Collect Support Data Retrieve Trace Buffers Storage Array Diagnostics Collect Drive Data Capture State Information Reports Operations in Progress Storage Array Profile Cable Connections Event Log Unreadable Sectors Log Persistant Reservations

4.7.7. Upgrade View Firmware Inventory Controller Firmware Upgrade Activate Clear Controller NVSRAM Drive Firmware ESM Firmware Tray Configuration Settings

4.7.8. Help Contents Reference Recovery Procedures About