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bugTV YouTube Video Marketing by Mind Map: bugTV YouTube Video Marketing

1. Things To Remember

1.1. What Gets Videos Ranked

1.1.1. Search Relevancy

1.1.2. Video Engagement

1.1.3. Authority

1.2. Use tools for automation

1.2.1. Tube Promoter

1.2.2. Tube Toolbox

1.2.3. Tube Fool

1.3. YouTube is a Community!

1.3.1. Friends, Subscribers, Comments, Sharing

1.4. Views Don't Equal Traffic

1.5. Call To Actions Work

1.5.1. Why and How

2. Step 4. Video Syndication - Steps To Success

2.1. Awareness

2.1.1. 1. Send a YouTube Bulletin – YouTube Status Update

2.1.2. 2. YouTube Inbox – Send an email to YouTube contacts

2.1.3. 3. Socialize Video – Facebook Embed, Pinterest Embedd, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, HootSuite scheduled posts

2.1.4. 4. Add (embed) video to Blog and include transcription after content. Trick – Include a link (good anchor text) to the YouTube video (promote blog page )

2.1.5. 5. Email Marketing – Send to video to email list

2.2. Social Bookmarking

2.2.1. 1. Bookmark the video URL

2.2.2. 2. Bookmark the blog post

2.2.3. 3. Bookmark the channel

2.2.4. 4. Bookmark the playlist

2.2.5. 5. Best Bookmarking Sites – Digg, Delicious, Folkd, StumbleUpon

2.2.6. 6. Automation (3 tools) SocialMonkee.com Fiverr.com OnlyWire.com

2.3. Video Responses

2.3.1. 1. Create a video response to your target video. (separate from your YouTube account/channel)

2.3.2. 2. Submit your video response to other highly related relevant videos

2.3.3. 3. Get video channel owner to accept video response

2.4. Link Building

2.4.1. Get in-bound links to video and video channel. Build your link to the long URL on the shortened URL Use your keywords as anchor text

2.4.2. Resources/Ideas Fiverr.com - Link Wheels Article Marketing Press Release Blog Commenting

2.4.3. Embed video on blog site 1. Set up a new free account and embed video with detailed description focused on keyword and link back to video. 2. Blogger.com 3. WordPress.org Tumbrl.com

2.5. Annotations

2.5.1. 1. Add annotations at beginning, middle, end You can only link within YouTube

2.5.2. 2. Use call to action in your annotations Like, Subscribe, Comment, Watch

2.5.3. 3. Use an annotation at the end of your video to get people to click to your next video, playlist, or channel.

2.6. Playlists

2.6.1. 1. Setup a playlist Be specific to your keyword topic

2.6.2. 2. Build a playlist of the top 5 videos on your topic

2.6.3. 3. Put your video in the middle of the playlist

2.6.4. 4. Edit Title, Description, Keywords for your new playlist Your playlist will have a unique URL

2.6.5. 5. Promote/social bookmark your playlist URL

2.7. Transcript

2.7.1. 1. Upload a transcription of your video Use fiverr.com to get transcription of your video. Submit in .txt file format

2.7.2. 2. Add under 'captions and subtitle'

2.8. Press Release

2.8.1. 1. Submit a press release YouTube videos are newsworthiness!

2.8.2. 2. There are 100's of press release sites and article marketing sites

2.9. Video Responses

2.9.1. Yes, We want video responses on OUR videos, YET, we can create a video response to other peoples videos.

2.9.2. 1. Post one of your videos to someone's video

2.9.3. 2. Ask the video owner to accept the video response

2.10. Pay Per Click Video Promotions

2.10.1. 1. Google PPC or CPM Video Advertising

2.10.2. 2. Go To http://www.Google.com/videotargeting

2.10.3. 3. Connect Google Adwords Account

3. Step 3. Video Upload Optimization

3.1. Write a description

3.1.1. Write 100-200 word description including focus keyword content

3.1.2. Place URL (include http://) at the beginning of description

3.1.3. Add a strong "call to action" at the bottom

3.2. Add focused keyword (s)

3.2.1. Add keyword in "focused keyword"

3.2.2. Don't list too many keywords, it dilutes the message

4. Step 1. Video Pre-Production

4.1. Keyword Research

4.1.1. Google Suggest

4.1.2. Google Trends

4.1.3. Google Insights New node

4.1.4. Google Free Keyword Research Tool

4.2. User story ( what solution will you be solving)

4.3. Write a great title and include focused keyword

4.4. What Type of video is this?

4.4.1. Studio Produced

4.4.2. Composite

4.4.3. Field Production

4.5. What is the final success metric or goal

4.5.1. Sales

4.5.2. increased sales

4.6. Budget

4.7. Story Board

4.8. Script approved if needed

5. .Step 2. Production

5.1. Shoot Video

5.2. Design CG needed for Video

5.3. Voice Over Recording if needed

5.4. Select or purchace music track as background or theme

5.5. Edit

5.6. Motion Graphics or Special Effects

5.7. Final Edits