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Problems by Mind Map: Problems

1. The lack of culturally competent care in spaces where BIPOC women feel safe and heard

1.1. Are there community spaces where BIPOC women feel safe and heard in your community that you could incorporate a wellness focus?

2. Disparities in access to care and community resources

3. The socio-economic and environmental factors that contribute to illness and disease.

3.1. What socioeconomic factors are relevant in your community?

4. Limited access and inclusion to integrative care modalities and CAM therapies.

4.1. Can you define this for your community? What integrative Health clinics are in your community?

4.2. What CAM practitioners are in your community?

4.3. Functional Medicine health coaching program to address root causes of health problems.

5. Chronic pain and chronic disease management.

5.1. Can you quantify this? Are there statistics on chronic pain in your community?

5.2. Integrative medicine toolkit for chronic pain or chronic disease management/reversal.

6. Whole person care and self-care empowerment.

6.1. Self-care program addressing the needs of BIPOC women

6.2. Multidimensional coaching program addressing seven sources of health or a signature wellness pillar program offering individual and group coaching.

6.3. Whole person wellness coaching framework that includes mindfulness toolkit, MBSR, journaling, positive psychology structure, membership support community, exposure to various types of movement (yoga, dance, movement therapy, etc.), nutrition/mindfulness based eating, community healing circles.

6.4. How can you bring an interprofessional aspect into this project?

6.5. Are there any Federally Qualitified Health Centers in your community?

6.6. How will you reach your target audience with these projects?

7. Need for trusted community wellness spaces where BIPOC can thrive.