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Plants by Mind Map: Plants

1. Important Plant Functions

1.1. Photosynthesis

1.1.1. Occurs in Plants

1.1.2. Is the conversion of solar energy to chemical energy

1.2. Cellulose

1.2.1. Plants contain cellulose

1.2.2. Humans use fuel source from burning wood which is chemical energy stored in cellulose

1.2.3. We can not digest cellulose fibre

1.3. Food

1.3.1. Their primary source of food is Agriculture

2. Plant Cell

2.1. Surrounded by a cell wall

2.2. Contains a nucleus, chloroplast and central vacuole

2.3. Central vacuole which stores food, water and enzymes needed by the cell

3. 4 Main plant tissues

3.1. Meristematic tissue

3.1.1. Actively dividing cells

3.1.2. Plant growth results from the cells produced here

3.1.3. Stems and roots increase in length due to the division of cells

3.2. Dermal tissue

3.2.1. Guard cells Functioning in pairs to regulate the opening of the stomata

3.2.2. Stoma/stomata Small pores Usually in the leaf that allows gas exchange

3.2.3. Root hairs Tiny extensions on plant roots Allow for the absorption of water and nutrients from soil

3.3. Ground tissue

3.3.1. In some stems, roots & seeds the cells of ground tissue store starch, oils & other nutrient factors

3.3.2. Includes parenchyma, collenchyma & sclerenchyma

3.3.3. Many functions & makes up most of the inside of the plant

3.4. Vascular tissue

3.4.1. Xylem Conducting tissue transports water and minerals from roots to the leaves

3.4.2. Pholem Conducting tissue transports nutrients to areas where they are needed for growth

4. Factors that affect plant growth

4.1. Climate

4.1.1. Light

4.1.2. Rainfall, water and relative humidity

4.1.3. Tempurature

4.1.4. Air and wind

4.2. Abiotic factors

4.2.1. Topography and soil nutrients