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AIA HK Support by Mind Map: AIA HK Support

1. Life System Architecture

1.1. Replatform

1.1.1. Old (Ex360)

1.1.2. Component IWS Upstream Release Batch Monitoring Screen (MonQ) Sybase Daemons UNI POS CLM LOB App EUS POSA CLM/MJC

1.1.3. New (Case360) rewrite IWS MonQ Most of Daemons Using Casecal as a bridge RB LOB App Merging Daemon Data Migration (complete) report verification type

1.2. Enhancement

1.2.1. ASV and OCR

1.2.2. Archive (canceled)


2. Support Issue

2.1. POS Manual Merge

2.2. TobeCompleted Daemon

2.3. Communication

3. Business Domain

3.1. Life

3.1.1. UNI

3.1.2. POS

3.1.3. CLM Minor Major

3.2. Pension and Trust

4. PT System Architecture