Cassie's Lifespan

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Cassie's Lifespan by Mind Map: Cassie's Lifespan

1. Prenatal and Newborn

2. Infancy and Toddlerhood

2.1. Cognitive - In this stage, I am told I was growing hugely every single day, whether learning the environment around me by putting everything in my mouth to beginning to match shoes together. My grandma always tells me she knew she had the smartest grandchild when I could read the numbers on a clock to her at only 12 months old.

2.2. Social - Although I was a very quiet and shy child, simple social developments such as learning to smile or speak with others was a huge part of this stage of my life. I am told a smile was always easy to get out of me, and it was my favorite thing to do!

2.3. Physical - Beginning with sitting up on my own, to crawling, and then being able to pull myself up to standing, and then finally walking, I was always a busy child running around and expanding my physical abilities at an early age.

3. Preschool Period

3.1. Cognitive - My learning developments at this age were expanding at such a fast rate... I was so interested in learning my environment and knowledge of basic life skills. I also began to try reading, even though most of the time I was looking at the pictures and making up my own story.

3.2. Social - I remained a shy child at this age of my life, always hiding behind my dad's 6'6" height so that I would feel protected from strangers. Once I got to know people I was a social butterfly, inviting people to play and learning how to share and interact with friends.

3.3. Physical - My physical abilities continued to expand, as I was still running around and full of energy. However I struggled with hand-eye coordination and wasn't the greatest at playing catch. I think my parents knew I wouldn't be a sports superstar at this point.

4. Middle Childhood

4.1. Cognitive - I really loved to learn at this age in my life. I was always reading books and in the "advanced" math and english classes. This is also when I first realized and expanded my music skills, as I began singing and playing musical instruments in band and orchestra.

4.2. Social - I was finally growing out of my shy stage at this point, and started getting in trouble for always talking in class. I remember I had a hard time with girl friends and fighting with them because we were always "hurting each others feelings" for whatever reason. I think I really learned the meaning of friendships in my middle childhood.

4.3. Physical - I began to play soccer, basketball, and other sports in basic camps and beginner teams, although I was not very good. P.E. classes forced me to learn different physical skills although I didn't apply myself very well, especially in the monthly mile run. I also started to eat nonstop, and I was always hungry and asking for a "snack" at any point that I could have one.

5. Adolescence

5.1. Cognitive - I continued to love school throughout junior high, and less in high school. I still chose to be in advanced and AP classes, and school came pretty easily to me except in the math and science areas. I started to like reading as a hobby less,but I expanded my creative side and picked up writing as a skill. I began writing poems and entering them in competitions.

5.2. Social - My adolescence is when my social skills were hugely developed. I loved being around people constantly and always planning something to do. I realized that I had a really big heart for helping others and was always the one that people sought out for advice. I learned how to better interact and a communicate in a more adult setting for jobs and school. I started a 5 year relationship with a boyfriend at the age of 15 which really helped me learn a lot about that social portion.

5.3. Physical - After giving up on other sports, I decided that I would stick to volleyball since that was the only one that I was somewhat okay at and I enjoyed physically training for. Unfortunately in my teenage years I developed an eating disorder and messed up my internal physical development, and I didn't have much energy a lot of the time because I wasn't getting enough fuel.

6. Early Adulthood

6.1. Cognitive - I started college and really struggled in deciding what I wanted to study because I had so many interests. I was always wanting to learn about new topics and information, however I didn't (and still don't) enjoy the testing portion. I realized that I get extreme test anxiety, which affected my willingness and desire to learn.

6.2. Social - After moving out of the house, I continued to be very social and want to meet new people and friends. Going to college and living in the dorms with random people helped me learn even more about relationships with people. I tried to maintain relationships with boyfriends as well and really learned what it's like to have a partner and what I want in a person. Turning 21 also developed different aspects of my social life.

6.3. Physical - Physical health became of extreme importance to me at this age, as I was recovering from an eating disorder. I chose to major in Nutrition and help myself eat correctly and work out on a regular basis.

7. Middle Adulthood

7.1. Cognitive - I still hope that I will have a desire to learn at this age, and I'll take classes to new new skills or improve ones that I already have. I hope to have a job that challenges me and helps me grow cognitively every day. I also hope that I will continue with my music and writing skills as a way to express myself and keep my mind young.

7.2. Social - My ultimate social goal will be to have found a husband who I am extremely happy with, and then have children that I can learn to parent in a successful and loving way, and then teach them proper social skills that I have learned throughout my life. I am wanting to keep in touch with friends that I've made throughout life and continue to make new ones through my career and other adult situations.

7.3. Physical - I don't only hope, but I guarantee that I will continue to maintain a healthy physical life for myself and my family in middle adulthood. I will maintain a healthy diet and workout schedule so that my body stays healthy and young, and I don't develop any physical issues that can be preventable.

8. Late Adulthood

8.1. Cognitive - In late adulthood, I hope regardless of anything else that my mind stays sharp and willing to learn. I want to teach my family and friends new things but also be open-minded and don;t close off learning because of older age. I will probably be the old woman sitting on her porch swing every morning doing daily crosswords and word searches.

8.2. Social - My goal will be to stay with my husband truly "until death do us part" and that we won't be separated because of retirement facilities or any other reason. I want to be the old woman in book clubs or bunco groups so that I can still have my social interactions with others besides my family.

8.3. Physical - I will probably be the person that everyone has to continue to tell me to "relax" and "take it easy" because I will go hard physically regardless of what my body may or may not allow me to do. I just pray that my physical skills won't deteriorate at a rapid rate and that I'll be able to stay active throughout my old age.

9. Death and Dying