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CALI 2012 TOPICS by Mind Map: CALI  2012 TOPICS

1. Collecting State Court Files: ...

2. Dumbing Down the "Smart" Classroom

3. Building Online Courses and Course content

4. WordPress as CMS II: Implementation and Customization

5. A critical look at outsourcing services to central IT and the cloud

6. LexisNexis Law School Publishing "E"nitiatives

7. An Update on eLangdell

8. Metadata for Online Collections

9. Building a Record with E-Portfolios

10. Powerful Presentations With-or Without

11. The Afterburner 2: Optimizing Drupal and Wordpress...

12. Reaching Out to the World

13. Storyboarding a CALI Lesson:...

14. From DIY to Semi-Homemade: Should You Integrate Third Party Applications Into Your Services?

15. Cost-Effective Creation of In-House Instructional Videos

16. Institutional Repositories for Law Schools

17. Big Data or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Corpus

18. How to Pimp your TWEN: Engaging Students on Their Turf

19. Teaching Law Students 21st Century Practice Skills Through Coding with A2J Author

20. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Gnu

21. Disrupting Legal Education:...

22. ExamSoft: New Features, New Trends, and Announcements [Invitation Only]

23. $50!!! what do you need $20 for?

24. The Crimprof Multipedia Turns Three

25. Moving your law reviews to an open-access publishing model...

26. What Should We Try Next? The Life of the Electronic Services Librarian

27. Thinking Outside The Cylinder...

28. DIY eBooks! A Workshop

29. If You Offer It & Market It, They Will Come: ...

30. Building & Maintaining SCOCAL

31. Selecting course technology...

32. You think it, we'll build it!

33. Technology that Counts: ...

34. Using Wikispaces to Share Reference and Circulation Statistics

35. Maintaining Professor Scholarship on the TJSL Website

36. Teaching Contract Drafting with Contracts Filed in SEC EDGAR Database

37. The Legal iPad Revolution: ...

37.1. Debbie Ginsberg, Chicago-Kent

38. Bridging the Gap: Technology Integration from a K-12 Perspective

39. XtraNormal . . . Good for More than Just Laughs

40. Open Source Solutions for Journal Publishing

41. DMR: Digital Media

42. Moving Your Clinical Programs to the Cloud: A Lesson in Politics, Policy and More

43. How to Give Good UI?!

44. Convert Your Course Website (Online) Into A Chrome App (Offline), Or Why an App Might be Better Than an eBook

45. Learning Centers in the Library: What can we do with them?

46. If You Build It, They Will Learn: Using Self-Paced Modules to Integrate Academic and Professional Skills Across the Curriculum

47. Self-Assembled Video Recording & Security Options

48. Assemble the Big Stuff and Occupy the Process: ...

49. Hydratext

49.1. Christian Turner, University of Georgia Law School

50. Looking Back, Looking Forward: What We Learned from Building a 100% Online Course

51. How to teach a blended course

51.1. Norman Garland, Southwestern Law School

52. IPv6 - A Practical Introduction for the Rest of Us

52.1. Michael Sparks, Louisiana State University Law Center

53. 20 FREE & ONLINE Technology Tools to Support Teaching & Learning

53.1. Additional tool to check out,

54. The CFR meets the Semantic Web: Lessons for Developers, Librarians, and Linked Open Data mavens

55. Cultivating Creativity: How to innovate, create, and get out of your own way while doing it

56. Janelle Beitz's Blog about CALIcon12 Topics