Performing Art

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Performing Art by Mind Map: Performing Art

1. Theatre

1.1. physical theatre

1.1.1. theatre types and traditions Greek tradition Roman (including Gladiators) Theatre and rituals Theatre and religion India Street performances medieval street shows European theatres Shakespeare Artaud and Theatre of violence Verbatim Docudrama Political theatre Playback and therapeutic theatre Theatre schools Stanislavsky Comedia del arte Community theatre Fringe Broadway Puppet theatre Immersive theatre Postdrama

1.2. Theatre online

1.3. Digital theatre

1.4. Theatre and technology

1.4.1. Light

1.4.2. Sound

1.4.3. architecture theatre buildings

1.5. Theatre and visual art

1.6. Theatre and film

1.6.1. BlackLight theatre

1.6.2. From theatre to film - stages of transition

1.7. top films with theatrical approach

1.7.1. Tech upgades in theatre

1.8. Theatre festivals

2. Opera

3. Dancing

4. Music (concerts)

5. Circus

6. Education and social aspects

6.1. Universities

6.2. Personalities

6.3. theatre professions (who is who)

6.4. From the idea to performance - how is it made?

7. Performance vs Social Act

8. Just ideas

8.1. Theatre in the times of war

8.2. Theatre in the times of pandemic

8.3. Theatres with no audience

8.4. The most expensive performances

8.5. The most daring directors

8.6. Star actors who choose theatre

8.7. Films that were planned as theatre performances